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  1. I admit that a 9 y/o was sitting in front of my pc, paid him some bucks to buy some kites. That means you are considering a human being as a bot, smh. What an anti social human you are . If you think I used automatic script, keep me banned until you open your mind. Thank you for your respond
  2. Macro is a a bot, meanwhile my neighbor is a human being. It's different hello?? Anyways, there's no such rule that doesn't allow you to 'leave your gameplay to a 9 y/o kid while you are going somewhere'. In my point of view this should be considered as ignoring roleplay, which lead to prison or warn not a ban for macro keybinds In case you didn't read this thread, gentleman
  3. What is your in-game name? Fabio Borelli Which staff member banned you? Eren Hernandez When did you get banned? 03/07/2020 What is the ban reason? Macro Keybind Personal comment This account was banned because apparently Eren caught me 'macro keybinding', which I didn't use at all. I had to go nearby mosque to worship my unbeatable God. I told my little Christian neighbor which is 9 years old apparently, will confirm soon if it's really needed, to press Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3, and Alt+4 to cook meth. I warned him if there's a blip or beacon (of course in Bahasa Indonesia), don't mind about it, just do what I told you. It wasn't a 'macro'. I used AutoHotKey for that one. I even had to pay him 2.000 rupiah just to get banned??? I've been using this deadass simple script from June anyways. The resolution I seek is to be unbanned without loosing anything, the 1k meth that the cop seized is ok xoxo Teamviewer me if you want
  4. Fabio Borelli, I'm in-game.
  5. My bad, it's actually this one. The building is just next to it.
  6. But it's a restaurant in single player.
  7. As of most of people cook at Mount Chilliad, there's nowhere to go if they're starving unless they are willing to go to San Fierro (the nearest restaurant). I found a spot which fits for restaurant business, here is the screenshot: As what Weston stated in this thread, the admins team won't be creating business anymore. Well, there are a lot of restaurants in Los Santos, which if you move one of them to Angel Pine is something fair in my opinion. Why must Angel Pine? Angel Pine has a police station, which roleplay-ly is a crowded place. Also, trucker checkpoint. This can be helpful for players as they don't need to go to San Fierro just to buy food and go back to Chilliad. Whoever owns the business, I don't mind. It's just unrealistic if a crowded city doesn't have a restaurant. If the request is accepted, kindly remove the obstacles (such as grasses and the trash bin from the restaurant entrance), if possible. Thank you.
  8. By having some questions before you are on-duty as a volunteer just like when you're getting a passport is simple, yet better. I can see how many randoms trolls as a volunteer and it fucks everything up. Or might as well remove volunteer system and have an official recruitment to whoever wants to join LSPD/LSFMD. Make a form and you'll see which one is lack of effort and which one is really trying to get in the faction for roleplay. By doing this (which probably will not be implemented) will make everything better, perhaps.
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