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  1. It’s gonna be one hell of an experience
  2. Since Rumen Gambino already owns GS9 and I would like to buy it, then you have nothing to do, he hasn’t logged in 3 months but he might join tomorrow, after a week, after a month.. thats why the tax system exists
  3. Yea... could’ve been someone’s ban evading account who got caught and now the name is abandoned + cant be used, I’d like to have it.
  4. Let’s say we can only buy 20 seeds out of the usual 170-180 at the dealer? That’s not gonna fix anything just gonna make things worse, don’t add limits. Increase the stock for the dealer.
  5. I dont think these kind of situations would be simply solved in-game, but thats why i made this topic.
  6. What is your in-game name? Isabella Guzman Date & time of occurence? 14/1/2018 14:58 Elaborate how you lost this/these items I wanted to change my name to 'Mike Ehrmantraut' but I found out it was taken by a level 1 guy who registered 3 months ago and played for 1 hour. Since then he hasn't came back, doesn't even have a passport. I really like the name and I was hoping if you could do something about it, I have no bad intentions of using it, neither does the name contain insults. Proof
  7. I’ve been on mudoo for over a year I know a lot, but you’re not angels either
  8. If that’s the case then avoid making traps or falling for them, that way you’ll be satisfied and you won’t complain, I never got warned for copbaiting, when cops provoked me and my friends we called them pigs till they got pissed and left, we didn’t shoot
  9. Just stop crying and don’t fall for their insults, you expect SWAT to come and give you flowers when you provoke them back
  10. Yea /tracing phone is is not good enough
  11. The SAPD already has enough power. From unlimited heavy weapons and armor to tanks. You can put every single voulenteer into the SWAT team, we don’t mind. All we want is something in return, we all know the PD is overpowered, that’s because they are meant to stop every single crime. We want more advantages, add features that will help criminals as well.. maybe like a tracking device we can stick up a car and /trace? Or a radio scanner we can use to tune into the official PD radio? Anything that benefits us, we’re tired of this shit.
  12. The whole management is a part of the law enforcement, they have the power to do anything they want even if such a thing wouldn’t happen irl. This also means they can make every voulenteer a part of the SWAT team so they can’t lose. Cops are the biggest gangsters here and they know it. Thought that’d answer your question.
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