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  1. M.Rochi


    2 joints later..
  2. M.Rochi

    Last night

    I thought I was the only one that experienced this, I wanted others' opinions
  3. M.Rochi

    Last night

    There goes the big ego tough mafia guy capturing 8 turfs out of 10 daily attitude, good luck with your group I wont argue any further My energy did a 360
  4. M.Rochi

    Last night

    Exactly what I mean, Maybe Spagerollis can roleplay. My fault for starting roleplay about ''weed'' but still had a good conversation with Marco - until Antonio crumbled the whole scene then Marco backed him up
  5. M.Rochi

    Last night

    Is that what your group is capable of? 5 minutes of roleplay? I got asked by antonio to leave only once, mid conversation with you. Second time I got aimed at and called ''nigger'' How do you want me to not take this OOC? Bad for your reputation? Of course im gonna take it OOC, 90% of players including your group roleplay unrealistically and do whatever they like, you are your own character using ''roleplay'' as an excuse. Example: Voulenteer shoots down unarmed suspect running for his life just for ''fun'' - In real life the cop who would be new to the police department would shit his pants before pulling the trigger. Same thing with you, your HQ is literally 1 block behind the SAPD, you pull out your guns and scream at me, go on the streets and call everyone a jew just to incite shootouts, is that what you call ''in character'' or ''roleplay''? I dont. Paki = normal player?
  6. M.Rochi

    Last night

    You drop a ''snowflake'' bomb without any arguments, is that all you have to say? Or are you speechless? + i didnt direct this topic towards you
  7. M.Rochi

    Last night

    ''IC'' is just their excuse, they're basically their own characters
  8. M.Rochi

    Last night

    Last night I felt like roleplaying, the closest group of people to me were the 'Spagerollis' and their HQ looks attractive. I went there and started talking to Marco, 5 minutes in.. . I was feeling very positive but this just de-motivated me from roleplaying with these guys in the future, not just that screenshot, he says: At this point I said to myself ''not worth it'', and i type in /b 'Cant roleplay without getting aimed at or robbed these days'.. Marco replies in OOC chat with ''fuck off'', my energy did a 180° and i wasn't feeling as positive as before. Words are spells. Their HQ is attractive but the players are not, very bad energy. Not the first time I got called 'nigger' or 'jew' by all 4 group members. They will keep going with this attitude because they label themselves from a popular RP server named LSRP, and also they have a Patriot with bullet proof wheels and feel unstoppable. Their ego's are so big they call everyone 'nigger'. Sorry, I cant. Please, get help
  9. Sandra died my friend (i shot her 10 times in the head) + she didnt get revived, PG at this point
  10. In case an admin responds with: ''Tyrone will be punished but you wont be refunded since Caleb roleplayed'' Caleb wouldnt have any idea of frisking me in that shootout, it was Tyrone's fault he came to seize
  11. What is your in-game name? Blake Rogers Which player(s) do you want to report? Tyrone King When did the rulebreak happen? 08/13/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? - What happened? (quote what rule was broken) He performed a /frisk on me without any type of roleplay, then proceeded to inform higher ranks that I had an AK47 case, I got seized after I want a refund. Evidence
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