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  1. Well lav , most of my punishments were done when i was a newbie lvl 10 and less i didn't even know what is rp , this is the first rp server i joined . Nvm i'm changed alot since i've reached lvl 15 but mistakes happens and i admit that i have made alot of mistakes , everybody make mistakes . And since i learned alot in this server I promise i'll play better than before, atleast i'll try my best. I didn't join the game since a long time & didn't join any other server . I'm asking for a first and last chance . Hope you accept it lavz . At last its all your choice lads.
  2. What is your in-game name? sTorm_Shelby Which staff member banned you? russel _stokes (i think) When did you get banned? Dont Remember Exactly What is the ban reason? copbaiting excessive punish history Personal comment (Banned Since A Very Long Time) Well i dont have nothing to say since i've been banned after recieving a PM 'Would you stop copbaiting' i didn't even notice he was an admin , he didnt turn red and came to me , and discuss it .
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