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  1. In-game name: Mark_Hudson Date of when you discovered the bug: 02/24/20 What feature is the bug relevant to: vehicles Explain how does the bug occur: I attempt to pay vehicles taxes via /v paytax while in my car. It says that I need a minimum playtime of 10 hours even though I have more than that. I am currently ingame level 16. Additional content: Screenshots:
  2. This is my first ban after the placement of the consequence system, why am I getting an 80% wealth removal?
  3. What is your in-game name? Mark_Roberts Which staff member banned you? Weston When did you get banned? 01/01/20 What is the ban reason? Auto-Scripting Personal comment Well yeah, I'm caught, I stayed banned for a while, I sincerely apologise. Due to the consequence system in place I'll stop doing it.
  4. #freethefarms Spread the word. About time they stop screwing the poor.
  5. all indians and pakis in favor of dexter. fuckin illegal immigrants and criminals.
  6. MarksmanV2

    0.3 DL

    All pakis against it. Timon paki too.
  7. Aww how cute. The jew got traumatised by the wars started by his nation. Now he seeks to destroy OUR nation.
  8. A man doesnt take up arms unless he is forced to. Your jewish methods end here. From this point onwards we will see a new San Andreas free of liberalism and fat rich jews controlling the ecomomy.
  9. NAME: Mark Kucan DATE OF BIRTH: April 29th 1986 OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur POLITICAL PARTY AFFILIATION: San Andreas National Party LINK TO THE PARTY'S TOPIC:
  10. The Sun was setting on the distant horizon, shadowing the burning carcasses of tanks. It was Syria, summer of 16'. Lovely time it was, for a lovely war. I was deployed to Syria under a brigade assigned to protect the doomed Kurds. Worst of all, we were led by a Jewish bastard. Deaths of my fellow fighters never bothered me, but then again, the more the men, the less the burden on me. Sadly, this Jewish bastard had a knack for getting his men killed. 1986 was the year of my introduction to the world. My beginnings are pretty average, born to a high class family and doomed to live at the megacity of Los Santos. A trip to my ancestral home of Bangladesh changed everything. I wasnt prepared to face real life when it hit me in the face with a Myanmarese invasion. My parents died, my friends abandoned me, now that I look back at it, I wouldnt be the same person if I didnt bear witness to them. Being the silent person I am, never managed to land in a good squad. All they ever put me up to was working as bait, or at times I liked solo sniping. They didnt even set up an spotter for me. Never knew Chinese SKSs could do good work, specially without a scope. I made a living out of the war. As it approached its end and my nation was liberated, I realised my existence was at question without a war. A liberal government was a result of the Early War disaster and a liberal government will cause post war disasters. I couldn't live in a world with peace, nor could a live at peace with such useless governments holding power over the people. I dont know how I ended up in Syria, maybe it was the false promise of martyrdom from the fake caliphate. If there was conflict, there was profit and a reason for me to exist. After being played like a fiddle, I found myself wandering the lost streets of Erbil, recovering from a battle between ISIS and Kurds trying to forge a homeland. Upon seeing an advertisement for recruitment into a group of peacekeepers fighting for the Kurdish cause. Signed up without a second thought. This brings me back to my current predicament and the story of the Jewish bastard. He was a man who did not know when to stop with his ideas of liberalism and creating paradise for people. Half of the time when we werent dodging bullets were spent arguing with him, and the only reason he tolerated my presence was the fact of my combat usefulness. As the fight against ISIS approached to an end, Donald J. Dunk, President of the USA decided to pull back all official and non-official forces deployed in the war. So, the peacekeepers were disbanded and I was yet again, lost. Lost to the return of peace. I decided to return home A part of my mind wanted to payback, the Jewish bastard screwing me over for a long time. One lucky day, I found him trying to force himself onto a girl. Imaan was her name, a strong girl, she held her own against the cunt. Coming up from behind a single 9mm bullet was fired through the skull of a man who was single reason behind the deaths of hundreds of men and the single reason behind my misery and extra work. Staying a few days in Erbil I spent quite some time with the girl. She was pretty lost too, one of the Yazidis displaced by the rise of ISIS. I offered her a trip to San Andreas. We returned to my island country, only to see the start of more disaster, an election, candidates? Fucking liberals. It was time to do something and stop another war. MARK KUCAN FOR GOVERNOR SAN ANDREAS NATIONAL PARTY
  11. What is your in-game name? Mark Which player(s) do you want to report? Jay_Soprano When did the rulebreak happen? 01/15/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Rodas What happened? (quote what rule was broken) This guy comes outta nowhere, starts ramming my car and then shooting me dead. Evidence
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