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  1. Contact me on Discord @Visage56#5060
  2. The House is Located in Jefferson, it is Fully furnished and Upgraded Alarm level 4 and CCTV's are installed Value is 416k Buyout: Drop your offers
  3. Whats ur PH number and Name IG?
  4. i currently Have a Offer of 1.7m on it IG
  5. For Your information the Shamal Costed 800,000$ in dealership and is Outta stock.
  6. This House is located at Temple Interior id 120 if possible, if not then 107
  7. Want a Interior Change Location inside Mudoo Tower Interior id 60
  8. i want to request a house in Los Santos, i have asked the owners of the houses near it but no one is selling so i want a house there.
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