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  1. As a responsible citizen it is important for us to point out the role of media and social media in promoting these kinds of bigotry with the help of fake news. Your above post speaks volumes bout your miniscule knowledge about religion and culture. Your view is distorted added to that its misinterpretation is highly exaggerated. That emoji makes it worse. Your above post promotes extreme views and it certainly is a attack on a person's right to faith. It breaches all the rules of this forum. Added to that it directly attacks a person's freedom of thought, belief and religion.
  2. Bigotry is a sign of cowardice. It's very meaning is changing as the urge for nationalism, citizenship, illegal migrants removal grows. In the name of nationalism what we are seeing is rising radicalism of a religion be it any. Terrorists attacks acts like a catalyst to push forward their agenda. It is therefore important for any gaming platform to be nobel from it. In order to do so we must have some strict rules and regulations irrespective of race, religion focused on rising issues like bigotry , racism which may vary from just a warning to a temporary ban. However at the same time it
  3. Unfortunately bigotry is climbing new heights these days. I think ther is no need for this post here. You are free to name and shame those individuals in the report section.
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