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  1. Name: Xiaozuhan_Jatt Type: House Reason: For safety house and for roleplay sometime Image:
  2. SORRY SIR EDUARDO AND SIR ENRIQUE GIVE ME A LAST CHANCE im really sir for what i have done sorry im sincerely sorry sir give me a last chance.
  3. the guns you said missing is i dont know before im unbanned theres no gun. im sorry but i didnt lie to sir eduardo and im my game was clean and theres no cheat or hack. but the guns of 1k of mp5 deagle and shotgun it is in my trunk before and i was moving in the new house and i was store in my trunk im in game that time and also theres a lot of admins online and we request a new house so i was store in my trunk all my guns sir and theres a lot of admins that time so theres no hack guns in that time coz if im hack a lot of admins will respond to the hacker. so no admin respond while im storing the 1k of guns? so thats not a cheat or hack sir i was bought it before i got unbanned before its store at the trunk of alpha car.
  4. i have that in my trunk so why you didnt notice that i was hacking before? So its not a Hack sir you will notice it if im hack right?. before that i got ban by sir danny no guns in my arm and the trunk in my car in alpha was not hack its buy from ammu and the HW or sniper and m4 i will tell you why i have sniper so try to ask arron and ramadan he gave me the ammo of sniper just a 15 ammo but i was used the 5 ammo so i have stored in my house the 10 ammo sniper and the 4 ammo in other house is from ramadan i ask him to gave me just a little ammo of sniper and try to ask aze genevorse i am asking where can i buy the sniper cases. so the second is m4 so its a long time but i killed one of the member of carlton i knock him and rob him i saw him that he has a m4 so i rob the m4 you can ask arron for that haha so that only i have proof is SAMPCAC the anti cheat. NO GUNS IN MY HAND that time i got unbanned and connect to server theres no gun in my hand and the gun was confiscate i think from sir danny that i used before. its SNIPER only i hack weapon so theres no guns missing. BETTER NOT BAN THE INNOCENT PLAYER. AND I KNOW YOU ARE PROTECTING YOUR SERVER FOR THE HACKERS BUT I LEARN MY MISTAKE BEFORE. AND ALL OF MY EXPLANATION THERES NO LIE AND AS I SAID BEFORE BAN ME PERMANENTLY WHEN I USE HACK AGAIN! SO IF I DID THAT I WILL NOT GO TO BAN APPEAL INSTEAD QUIT OF THE GAME OF SAMP RIGHT.? SIR? AND THATS ALL THANKS TO YOU. YOU GIVEN ME NOTICE TO EXPLAIN AGAIN. ITS UP TO YOU NOW SIR EDUARDO .
  5. sir danny is notice me when im in game before that im using hack weapons but the hack weapon before is sniper and i have sniper in my loaded items but i didnt hack that arron gave me a little ammo of sniper and ramadan too he gave me the 4 ammo of sniper.
  6. whaat do you mean sir? didnt ask admin?im not using hack weapon again since i learn my mistake before. i swear to God im not using since im unbanned before
  7. but i have sampcac sir the proof that i have is sampcac why i need to hack ? i was enjoying in playing in whole hours in a day and i was ban before and i learn my mistake and i regret that used the hack before and when i was unbanned i reinstalled my GTA and Gta samp gta sampcac because sir mazen didnt see my sampcac i try to download again and reinstalled and when i was in game i was in other account coz i forgot my account i try to ask sir mazen for my password and sir mazen see that i'm using sampcac i have a guns sir before i ban in the trunk of my car alpha i swear i didnt hack i spend my time to playing and not using hack if im using hack to be ban again im stupid coz iwas spend my time to be ban again. i will not do that coz i was playing in a Good way since im unbanned i'll neverver using hack again my friend always tell me dont use hack again dont punish again coz im playing with my friend with ansel he always saying me DONT USE HACK AGAIN and also some of my friends in game when im back from the game
  8. What is your in-game name? Liloree_Jatt Which staff member banned you? eduardo When did you get banned? 07/09/2020 What is the ban reason? abuse weapon hack? Personal comment i will wait you admins and sorry for spamming thank you im willing to wait sorry for the spam again. i didnt hack i swear to GOD thank you i hope you will read my appeal .
  9. im willing to wait admins sorry for spam im really sorry i will wait thank you mudoo
  10. Sir mazen i was spending my day in playing why i need to play to be ban again? no im playing in good way i was spending even late night i was playing with my friends in mudoo because my friends is from other country and the time was diff so i was spending my time ven late night im playing i didnt do that i said if i doin hack again ban me permanent but i didnt do that i didnt hack please i wanna play dont take so long becuase i was enjoying my day in playing in mudoo rp please unban me all i want is play in this quarantine i have a 1 month before classes i wanna play now
  11. What is your in-game name? Liloree_Jatt Which staff member banned you? eduardo When did you get banned? 07/09/2020 What is the ban reason? weapon Personal comment im waiting please i just wanna play now i was waiting in every minutes and every hours all i want is playing in mudoo review my first appeal please dont take so long coz i didnt do anything i just play in GOOD i swear to GOD
  12. i hope you will unbanned dont take so long i swear to GOD and Mudoo i didnt hack i spending my time in trucking to get a money IG to buy i was enjoying coz i have a lot of money thats why i bought a lot of ammo like desert eagle shotgun but sniper i didnt buy it u just get it from arron 10 ammo gave to me and ramadan gave my yesterday i will not hack again coz i learn my one mistake before i was waiting in a week thats why im bored before and now i got ban but i didnt do that the proof is sampcac please i wanna play super i hope you unbanned me now i was bored in quarantine i didnt hack !!
  13. i wanna play now im waiting here every minutes and every hours please all i want is playing in mudoo
  14. i was banned for Weapon Hack before but when i got unban i was told to use Samp cac . no reason to hack again i got bored now i wanna play in this my country has lock down because of covid 19 im spending my whol hours in gta samp to play in mudoo every hours im spending please unban me
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