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  1. Ahmed_Jemai

    When ?

    @Mazen You didnt tell me when i appeal again
  2. - you can check my Pc in any time you want if i get unbanned with team-viewr Ty
  3. Your in-game name [AC]Ahmed You real life age 17 Your country and timezone tunisia utc +1 How do you describe yourself as a person Hello my name is Ahmed i. I'm a Muslim. I'm funny, patient, mature, sympathetic and very helpful. In my country, people are willing to help each other and do their best to make progress in everything; So do I! I'm hard-working and I always finish what I start. I like polite people and I try to be one as well. I live a normal life and I live in a small town. I'm a member of an elite club and it has effected on me. I'm into video games a lot and I play games 7 or 9 hours per day. when AG existed, I had been there for about one year and a half; so I know the rules very well. at the moment, I'm playing Mudoo Gaming and I like it very much im On Cac i ahve videos for me in game in myYoutube channel i help so much ppls who come newbies im evryday in Game What are your motives for becoming a moderator? Aimbotters / Hackers / Rulesbreakers / Newbies i want Help newbies to play in peace without any problems i want Delet aimbotters from The server when we play without admins no one ban them I first joined MG there was no player around and it wan kind of boring. then I realized while there is no admin in the game hackers come and ruin the game for others. I can gladly help you in this. it literally looks like a nightmare when you keep shooting hackers and they don't die. the next reason I want to become a moderator is that I like helping new players and I enjoy helping them get to know how to play How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? I patiently listen to what they want and then see if their request in reasonable and matches the rules of the server. if it's ok I will guide them so that they can enjoy the game. but if I'm not able to guide them to the right thing I will introduce an other experienced admin if they requests avantages or refund without reason i will never help them How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? If I see that they break the rules on purpose, then I'll absolutely kick them. but if they are not aware of it, I try to explain to them over and over again. and if they do again i will warn them and like that ... Any additional information you feel is relevant I wish a server with no hackers around. I'm doing my best at this server; I try very hard to be helpful and everything. and thank you for reading this. Screenshot of your in-game stats
  4. no no i will dont spam again bcz they are giving me date of appeal its today 29/06 and i posted appeal sorry for spam
  5. What is your in-game name? [AC]Ahmed What is the name of the staff member(s) you wish to report? [ET]Theodro What is the reason you are reporting the staff member(s) for? he give advantages to his friends 1- i spammed in /pm he should do /block or toggle pm he kicked me 2- after se c his friend named Cannibal Spammed in public chat he did nothing to him When did the incident that led to this report occur? 14/1/2018 14:58 Evidence, screenshots and/or logs Additional information id he didnt get Fired form admins list Admins mudoo is so corrupts like ezabila / mazen / ....
  6. What is your Discord account? Ahmeed-jemai#8371 When did you get banned? 04/10/2020 What is the ban reason? i spammed tckets Personal comment sorry for that i will no do it again
  7. What is your in-game name? Ahmed_jemaii Which staff member banned you? dizzy When did you get banned? 04/29/2020 What is the ban reason? illeagalls mods Personal comment yo admins long time i didnt play in mudoo rp but thx for you admins to give me thx to appeal after long time from my ban date 1- im not here for lying and say no i didnt use the turth i used aimbot and dizzy checked it and i got banned all is fair without wrong but the good of this ban or the time im banned i stay playing in Tdm mudoo and improving my self thx dizzy and quntavius and illution for hoping me Unban then i stay always and evryday improving my self and playing here in Mudoo Tdm i know i did wrong thing i usezd aimbot but my good thing is i learned from my mistake and i stay evryday playing TDm to be good and all players are wittnes for that even admins @iLLusioN_ and @Matrix then please unban me i miss mudo and if you dont trust me or bielieve im On CAC and i have some videos on youtube for me i improved my self then please admins trust me i learned from my wrong and i will never use aimbot you can check me with team-viewr in any time you want admins please im on cac when i use aimbot you will seee and ban me for ever / for ever / for ever im not kind of ppls who lying im kind of ppls who learn from their mistakes . thx for your time
  8. اشهد ان لا الاه الا الله و ان محمد رسول الله
  9. What is your in-game name? Ahmed_jemaii Which staff member banned you? dizzy When did you get banned? 05/29/2020 What is the ban reason? Aimbot Personal comment im so bored and i miss mudoo please unban me i addmit i used aimbot and now im on cac i will no use it again i promise ,you mazen please unban me i gave you word and the man if he give word he dont betraye i promise you trust me i have half of month Banned and i appeal now cbz im so bored without Mudoo i spent 400 hours from my life in playing mudoo and now i dont want to lose evrything for mistake dear admin please forgive me and you lose nothing TY for your Time if u dont trust me just let me play in server and ou can ask for regard me in teamvier in any time no problem and i have Clean folder now please gimme chance my levl 20 pleasre i dont want to lose it please dont be rude with me
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