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  1. It's not unrealistic that groups are allied. Common interest brings criminal groups together and always has in human history. Biggest issue i see is unrealistic killing of officers. If you dropped 3 officers a day as a group IRL you'd have the entire national guard on you
  2. Identifying the weaponry usually used is only 1/10 things PD and tactical teams should know about the group before interaction Server grew since you were in charge of pd. Exponentionaly. Pd hasen't changed its dynamics at all since experiencing such drastic increases. Yes. Fed by an unmarked inteligence gathering division. A very simple but effective change. I don't think even you believe this is true. 5% of PD has access to something as basic as going plainclothes on duty. The blue blip is mostly an instant drop of any gang activity or, an
  3. While i understsnd what both @Ajaxand @Weston are saying. It is not that simple. Pd simply isn't in this state designed for that. It is hardwired to respond to priority events every 5 minutes. Even if you and a group of fellow officers keen to roleplay identify a group, there is no real place to make a case out of it and post it on a noticable place for others to see. And how will you gather such information? From a forum topic? Seems rather pathetic. Being present without being undercover at any gang filled area for a prolonged amount of t
  4. A beautiful suggestion. I'd like to focus on your second point because i outmost adore it. Sadly, this is not possible as PD is not gathering inteligence on groups - at all. PD is clueless about existant groups and can not tell apart idlewood gangs- let alone name leaders in them. It was my intention to create a detective division, which would do just that, but sadly while PD command was up for it, management was not. As we have FBI. FBI has never shared any case file against a group to my knowledge so PD is left without inteligence gathering.
  5. Imagine not being able to apologise for a clear medicore messup and instead go full defensive mode, proving every allegation of you being incompetent managers. (Leonardo, Matthew) Whereas, you could have apologised and all personal attacks would be voided, as they would be invalid for the current situation. A large defensive argument has been that Matthew has provided the largest share of development in this server. Noone denies this. Matthew is a very talented developer. He was never targeted for his developer role, infact, all he has recieved through
  6. @LeonardoI agree. My argument went into subjective waters at times but overall it is based on facts. I left the PD out of my long argument as I could make a thread 3 times as long, in short, it is not specific to this situation that the pd discord is a place for shit talk. Pd has many fundamental issues that i can not address in a single topic. I have mentioned the context for your announcment. Constant shittalk. I focused on FBI because you were not expected to do this. You went below your high standards and you do not pose fundamental issues that pd doe
  7. This is not a topic designed to jump-start long listed arguments. I would even prefer for this to be locked. This long topic is designed to voice facts instead of mindless arguments and agenda. I wanted to post this in the already made topic, however it contains too many medias for a reply. 1. - 17/7/2020 , a bad day for politics In order to further this discussion, i'd like to establish a common ground at what is seen in the video. 0:00-0:10 The new player "Pen" establishes that a blue sabre belongs
  8. I will make a detailed argument about this soon. While i think PD had major mistakes in this argument, FBI is clearly at wrong here too. You can not excuse things as messing around. Audrey Riley, a cop fired for ooc ending a suspect was in this very manner witchhunted for his actions with no intent of malice. OD trucker situation was where PD was sanctioned and was heavily shitted on due to actions of a few volunteers. Instead of a human apology for missleading a new player into committing a crime, we have recieved a hypocritical bomb on announcements,
  9. SWAT patrols are very realistic. To put things in perspective. Say this city has this ammount of inhabitants: Now let's say, that every day, at least 50 homicides happen. And that is a very light number. That brings it to a total of 18250 homicides per year. This city is based of Los Angeles which has just under 300 homicides per year. That is 60 times less. The city has 4 million inhabitants. Mudoo RPG has more deaths per year than US in Vietnam War. I think the average player should be thankful there are no tank patrols
  10. Notoriety wouldn't be impacted by the amount of charges. It would however be impacted by activity, you must be online for atleast 1 hour p/day to keep it
  11. PD suffers from the same view angle. A lot of us water down our roleplay to match the average community member. Volunteers shouldn't even have guns in my opinion. And as for firing officers, getting fired in this department is really easy, a lot of you however never report an officer ICly. Unlawful discharge of weaponry is attempted murder and it gets you fired. Who in their right mind would even get arrested with active felonies? Why not just open fire on 5 incoming officers and then spam /do is dead, so you don't get revived. The right way to go about it, is t
  12. You wrote in such manner that i thought you referenced me as going to a manager with edited footage to open this topic, if not, i was mistaken
  13. And before you go and say the unedited video has a cut in it, it was when i switched recordings. Shadowplay covers 2 minutes and I had to record again.
  14. If after 20 times that has been said i have not reported or sent this video to any administrator you still think i have, I think of you as nothing less but disabled
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