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  1. SWAT patrols are very realistic. To put things in perspective. Say this city has this ammount of inhabitants: Now let's say, that every day, at least 50 homicides happen. And that is a very light number. That brings it to a total of 18250 homicides per year. This city is based of Los Angeles which has just under 300 homicides per year. That is 60 times less. The city has 4 million inhabitants. Mudoo RPG has more deaths per year than US in Vietnam War. I think the average player should be thankful there are no tank patrols
  2. Elias Carter

    Mudoo Players

    Notoriety wouldn't be impacted by the amount of charges. It would however be impacted by activity, you must be online for atleast 1 hour p/day to keep it
  3. Elias Carter

    Mudoo Players

    PD suffers from the same view angle. A lot of us water down our roleplay to match the average community member. Volunteers shouldn't even have guns in my opinion. And as for firing officers, getting fired in this department is really easy, a lot of you however never report an officer ICly. Unlawful discharge of weaponry is attempted murder and it gets you fired. Who in their right mind would even get arrested with active felonies? Why not just open fire on 5 incoming officers and then spam /do is dead, so you don't get revived. The right way to go about it, is to reward the player for staying alive. Criminals that stay alive for a week, get notoriety bonuses such as selling drugs at higher prices, making syringes/joints with less ingredients, smuggle gain boost, ((debatable : health 20% resistance, notorious criminals are harder to kill by a small margin)) If you want to punish the player for dying you will get nowhere, as you would need to make the punishment really severe before a player could feel it. Making it really severe would impact the player experience of lawful players that have a high mortality rate as a part of their job. I think this suggestion might prove useful in the light of a similar suggestion posted by @LocMax
  4. Elias Carter

    Mudoo Players

    You wrote in such manner that i thought you referenced me as going to a manager with edited footage to open this topic, if not, i was mistaken
  5. Elias Carter

    Mudoo Players

    And before you go and say the unedited video has a cut in it, it was when i switched recordings. Shadowplay covers 2 minutes and I had to record again.
  6. Elias Carter

    Mudoo Players

    If after 20 times that has been said i have not reported or sent this video to any administrator you still think i have, I think of you as nothing less but disabled
  7. Elias Carter

    Mudoo Players

    have you tried our minecraft server?
  8. Elias Carter

    Mudoo Players

    What a waste of time
  9. Elias Carter

    Mudoo Players

    A lot of you are missing the point of the video. The video shows me logging into the server after recording a guitar track, going to the tolls and getting a car to go to LSPD, only to be killed seconds later by 10+ people. The video is meant to be nothing but satire of how stupid my situation was.The administration took it as a way to punish you because what is seen on video is disgusting. Over half of replies are from Jamal accusing me of this and that. None of his claims have been true thus far and I don't feel obligated to deny his claims with arguments because they are stupid. There is no more context to this video. As much as you'd like there to be. I didn't force crash. I didn't go afk for a minute. I didn't come for backup. I didn't know you are suspected. Rooney wasen't picking me up /coming as called backup. The video shows everything what happened and it's funny. It's funny because this video plays every stereotype this server has. In the end, maybe you are the one in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe your actions were right. But whatever it is, more that you stand behind this monkey roleplay, more stupid you look.
  10. Elias Carter

    Mudoo Players

    @MukulYou seem very angry, i'd suggest you take a look at the SWAT topic as well, you seem as a man of culture so go stir some shit there too
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