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  1. What is your in-game name? Jim_Milton Date & time of occurence? 14/1/2018 14:58 Elaborate how you lost this/these items I was getting random arrested by some Valunteer and i didn't do /handsup or /lay and he grabbed my mask with no RP Like /me tries to take off mask from Jim. Then /attempt. Not just remove it like that and i reported Zac handled it and told me to post refund. Proof Here's what Zac said after he handled and told me to post Refund on forums. [13:01:57] AdmCmd: PM from Zac_Hernandez (93): Jim will be refun
  2. Big shootout in GS9 cops getting shot in the back soo many criminals, people died. Thankfully the cops won this fight and hopefully this dosen't happen to GS9 again. God bless San Andreas and every one who died there rest in peace.
  3. Big heli crash cause by an officer 2 officers down hopefully an officer manged to save them.
  4. Big accident in Idlewood pizza stacks sewers. Turned out to be cops arresting a suspect who slipped and made an accident. The good news is the suspect is alive no one is injured and the bad news is the car have exploded (Bad news for the suspect not us). See you in the next post, Stay tuned for more!!
  5. Arab News: Nice Limo driver got robbed by an unknown guy. He has just dropped someone at verona beach and then suddenly he got robbed a some guy, he had no choice but to put his hands up. I called 911 and the cops came tazed the suspect and arrested him Limo driver thanked me and the cops and resumed his work he is a nice guy very gentle and kind please don't rob him.
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