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Henry Gambino

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  1. i thought you wanna go vc kid, wya? hoe lol
  2. You're as much of a joke as Enrique kid, gtfo
  3. Ahmed Waheb and Irishman, fucking jokers lad LOOOL
  4. Exactly. We had to teach that kid how to role-play and he's a Senior Administrator.
  5. Helping players is always a good thing. For example I have helped a Senior Admin called Enrique Mendez, alongside my friend Murder Modding and a Server Manager a couple of days ago. We taught him how to properly role-play because he had no idea what RP is as a Senior Admin. Helping the players won't hurt anybody.
  6. Hahahaha boys, you lads know what's my story? This Senior Administrator @Enrique Mendez says that I cannot role-play because I was level 4 - this about a week ago. Then turns out that me, my friend Murder Modding and a Server Manager had to teach him how to properly role-play due to his lack of skills and knowledge. No shit that Server Manager took me and my friend Murder Modding and we taught Enrique Mendez how to properly role-play. Where I wanna get with this is that, for those who cannot RP, there's always a chance. For example Enrique can't RP. If you get my point.
  7. What is your in-game name? Henry Gambino Which staff member banned you? Unknown When did you get banned? 06/22/2020 What is the ban reason? Deathmatch Personal comment I know this is my second time appealing for mass DM. I have done it again, I know - it's a stupid thing to do. I was not the smartest to go out and mass DM. I have done it because I had seen the server falling apart and thought that it's time to do mass DM again. Again, very stupid and unthoughtful of me as I will say that I regret this dumb decision a lot. I have nothing else to say, I have changed. I truly have the want and motivation to role-play on this server with my friends as I find it fun again. A lot of my friends have hopped back on and I have decided to try to do so as well. Look, I believe my mass DM was stupid and highly useless. I don't know why I did it. I just thought that I am going to quit gaming and SA:MP in general but I did not. I made a mistake - again. It was dumb. I have also been trolling on the forums which I admit to, but I have realised the things I have done, and I know I regret them. I want to play again, as I see potential in this server and want to role-play only. I don't want to do stupid, childish things again, I just want to hop back on M:RP and play with my friends like a long while back. So, I don't have any reason to justify that mass DM, it was uneeded. I don't know what to say, I really want to come back and play with my friends, I want to start being less toxic, respect the community. I don't want to be that guy, my reputation is not great, but I hope to improve it if I get another chance. A few months have passed since that time I have mass DM'd, I hope you can take that into consideration, I urge you to. I would be glad to come back and role-play with my friends as I don't see the point in deathmatching again. Why? That's because you can role-play forever, but you can have fun deathmatching for 5 minutes and get banned the next. I hope you can take that into consideration and give me another chance. I genuinely ask for forgiveness and another chance. If I have something to do to get unbanned, I will do it. I have already changed, but I can make further changes. I no longer am so immature to do what I did, I now want to role-play and follow the server's rules. I hope I can get given another chance, anything that needs to be done to get myself unbanned will be done. I have changed, this two, nearly three month break has really given me a breather - in other word, I have changed. I want to have fun whilst following the rules, I no longer want to do stupid things. I just want to role-play with my old friends from this server and respect the community. I really, really hope I can get another chance. Thank you so much for reading this. I hope you can give me another chance as I have genuine plans to role-play. My actions were uncalled for. I am sorry for that, I know that I'm not the only one going through such shit especially in such tough times. It will never ever happen again. I urge you to take my word as I promise I will abide all the rules by the book. I take all blame for my actions, I was dumb and reckless and I didn't really think about it, the stupidity of my actions is to be put on my shoulders and all I can say that it will never happen again and I apologize for being stupid and reckless. I'd like to take this chance to humbly apologize for DMing and what I've done through my playtime on Mudoo RP, again, I never hurt or had any intentions to hurt anybody with what I've done and believe that I should be eligible to one last chance to turn things around, I just want to put the past behind me. I want to come back and contribute to the server again. This was a one-time thing and It will never ever happen again, I swear. I'd just like to apologize to anyone I could've possibly affected with my childish and very immature behavior. I'd like to mention that what I did is truly something that I shouldn't have done and that I now realize was a very childish/foolish thing of me to do. I'd like to tell everyone reading this that I've changed completely. I was in the heat of the moment and did something I could honestly say I regret doing and I'd take it back if I could. What I did was stupid and was uncalled for, I didn't have a reason to do what I did and I don't know why I did the things I did, we all make mistakes though and we all learn from those mistakes. I like thinking the past is the past and the future is what really counts and I'm truly sorry for anything I may have caused, I can only continue to apologize for my actions. If I could go back in time and simply just have left on good terms, I would've. If I were to be able to come back and start roleplaying again. I only have good intentions and would love to be given a second chance. My promise to the administration team is that I will not break any rule at all and abide by all the server rules. I wish to keep on role-playing with my friends as I found myself having the best roleplay I had in the server. Again, my actions were uncalled for and it will never happen again. I appreciate you taking the time to read my application.
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