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  1. Any updates on the official application ?

  2. Richard


    There are still a couple of features to be made & added in the server, we expect the server to be available for players within 3 weeks time atleast as a Survival Server with the needed plugins/game mechanics to ensure the server's playful environment. We're also looking for additional developers for our Minecraft division, if anyone is interested feel free to contact @Dean or me(preferably Dean as I'll be away on vacation for a week)
  3. Reading everyones post, seems that the majority agrees on restricting warehouses to official criminal groups only and that's how it's going to be. We'll be removing the warehouses from today while the property owners are online with additional government buyout as a compensation from the management.
  4. Whether you admit it or not, you are still getting denied regardless. Try again in 3 weeks.
  5. Locked until its review date(23rd of June). Messaging any staff member about your ban appeal will result in denial, be patient and wait for the review date.
  6. Nothing to say at all? You were told to stop hacking, even if it doesn't harm other players; it's still hacking, you decided to not appreciate the friendly warning and proceed with hacking. You got banned, you troll with the ban appeal, still get the admin's name wrong. I understand these things might be funny for you, me or any other people, but at the end of the day a proper ban appeal is needed to show that you're interested in getting unbanned and sincere about your actions. So until you get your shit together, you are not getting unbanned. How exactly are you expecting your ban appeal to not get denied?
  7. You were banned for illegal modifications in-regards to vehicles & their speed/handling, whether it's only for police cars or not - it's still cheating.(It was more than just police cars) Either ways, looks like you edited your folders before posting the pictures, mind explaining what have you modified before taking the picture?
  8. You are now unbanned, however if you ever decide to hack in our server again or use any kind of illegal modifications you will be permanently banned with no chance of returning. Welcome back.
  9. You are now unbanned, however if you ever decide to hack in our server again or use any kind of illegal modifications you will be permanently banned with no chance of returning. Welcome back.
  10. Godammit jack it has been a while since we've spoken, welcome mate! Not aware of that issue you're talking about, I changed your spawning coordinates, maybe that will fix it.
  11. Warehouses. Recently we have noticed how there are so many warehouses around the game and they're clearly way too overpowered. The idea was designed to simply add new content to the server and activities to the criminal groups, so we're seeking a solution for the warehouses. What we may or may not be doing is simply restrict warehouses to official criminal groups only(+their members), that way people can have something to work towards instead of each player individually owning his own warehouse. Now, what do you guys think? - Should we restrict warehouses to official groups only?It would be highly appreciated to state your reasons for your opinion.
  12. Do you really not learn from your previous situations?

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