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  1. Richard


    It's indeed unfortunate and is probably very annoying to lose your official status & it's benefits after having it and relied on it, although is the official status really worth abandoning your group for and quitting it? Although from a different point, this could force some alliances changes based on benefits, it will encourage getting connections & deals with different groups/people for warehouses and stuff like that, just pick up where it went wrong and improve from there, surely the official status is not the only reason you joined mudoo/made group for.(Talking in general)
  2. Role reverse drug transport, sapd becomes criminals and official criminal groups get sapd
  3. Team name: Burke Player 1/Leader: Ricardo_Pareja @Richard Player 2: Billy_Miller @Billy Player 3: Jose_Espiga @william Player 4: Khalid_King @CraZe Player 5: Ivo_Hollis @Vauth Player 6(Substitute): Dizzy_Walker @Dizzy Player 7(Substitute): Bobby_Grizzly @iMarcell
  4. Post a video/screenshot that shows you were cuffed for no reason
  5. You're just complaining about false things to support your conspiracy, you went to a smuggle ship and landed right on top of 2 SWATs then said in your walkietalkie "cops are here" so they cuffed you until they were done with the smuggle instead of killing you and have you cry about DM. In all servers I've seen around samp, mudoo probably has the least op PD sided features ever. Criminals have the damage reduction stuff, they can get armored vehicles too. Script-wise the features are pretty balanced, except when it comes to the hunter/tank etc but people said they're barely deployed so yeah.
  6. Not sure why everyone is complaining about players from other servers, that would be nothing but better for the server, more players, some of which might still play after the event if they like the server, a little level requirement should've been put in place and that's pretty much it, if anyone from other server meets the level requirement then so be it, let him play. Really don't see the big deal behind it, I usually play from criminal side and people asked me to play in that side aswell, but I chose to see how it is from this side for once. Try to be more open and welcoming to new players, not all new players are trolls/dmers; even if they join specifically for the event, might win yourselves a few regular players.
  7. Richard


    how big would've this been by now..
  8. More work for the management, more things to be monitored and very unnecessary. No need for points or scoreboard, just give status to whoever deserves it without having people's mindset focused on farming points. Yes, of course groups are gonna get bored when they have no status or level to work towards and need something to keep working towards, add purpose to turfs(Idk if they have any purpose other than gunfight activities right now), don't make "applications" for status, if people want official status they simply need to just lead their group and wait for it to happen, instead of bothering management about it .
  9. Just limit the type of groups player can be in, for example a player can only be in 1 illegal group(gang/mafia or whatever) and a clan, but can't be in a police-related group while in an illegal group(which solves the other 'too many cops' issues)
  10. Topics of this kind are nothing but entertainment for trolls and those who want no good for the server, they very RARELY actually solve anything. Implement admin jails that could last hours Admin jail those who DM over very normal non hostile traffic stop problem solved
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