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  1. Bangoh

    What features would criminals / civilians like?

    My inner civilian would like some safe area where crimes cannot be made, to disencourage people from doing poor rp scenarios (with exceptions if an event is there). For crims, I would like if there was some incentivation on not to murder people for stupid reasons, as 99% of the robberies / kidnaps in mudoo end with the guy getting shot, and that get stale. (As in my opinion, kidnaps should themselves be a type of "experienced" RP scenario). A sort of system that allow you to steal fuel from parked vehicles on the street (might cause some shenanigans) Some activities in the sea apart fishing, such as smuggling stuff with a dinghy and making that for each delivery you complete, your reward get multiplied based on the streak you have done. A revamped business system where you dont automatically get the money you receive when people buy stuff from your shop, forcing you to go to the cashier (npc) inside your store and collect the pay, as well pay him. The cashier could keep sending SMS on your phone if you keep delaying his pay, eventually disappearing and stealing all your money, with a nice message to troll you as well. This on the other hand could be connected to a robbery system where you can rob said shops (with an internal cooldown), maybe even allow owners to place some alarm systems. An ammunation robbery which should be hard to pull, with a requirement of a set specific amount of cops to be online. Everytime you'd attempt to rob this gunstore, the alarm should alway go off as robbing a gun store in IRl is ridicolously stupid and hard. If you'd die in this robbery, you should get punished. If you pull it, you could get some gun cases as that was the aim of the robbery. The robbery itself shouldnt be spammable every day, but be either rare or manually triggered by staff managers. Of course these are just random sketches, so they might not make sense to some degree.
  2. Bangoh

    Unbanned Unban appeal - Zlatomir_Ivanov

    Hello. The ban was requested by locmax as he's the one who noticed your actions. I'll contact him soon about this. Meanwhile wait a bit as we'll get back to you.
  3. Bangoh

    Denied Unban appeal - Mikal

    Hello Mikal. Your appeal has been denied as it was not even seriously made, nor you have intention to play as you stated on discord. When you do, post a serious appeal.

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