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  1. Burry

    Request Help

    oh soorry read my answer and see
  2. Burry

    Request Help

    Not my problem he dont accept Bro.
  3. Burry

    Request Help

    @Lopez First fuck you 2.fuck you.3.fuck you
  4. Burry

    Request Help

    im joined before assasin i join The Genovese Family and young lords i have experience sir. The money for Our HQ,Cars,Ingredients of drugs,guns sir. @Assassin
  5. Fully Tuned Comet with: 1.Nitro 2.2 Blue Neons 3.LV4 alarm. 4.New Wheels. INFORMATION: Call Me In:99854,Message In Forums,PM In The Game.
  6. This Is New Race,we play for the qualification,and we play final,like football,And we see who The Best Racer. By:David_Hammelston,Vagos,Los Santos
  7. Hello Sir,i have some Very very very tuned and good cars,I have Comet full tuned alarm lv4,Tuned Staffrod,And Tuned Premier,and utility truck tuned,You Can Contact Me in 99854 i back to the server in 3 days ok,Im David_Hammelston,Have A Good Day Sir,OOC:Rp in Game please
  8. Burry

    Request Help

    @Zinx Some Money,A Job,A Hq for My new Gang Vagos. Heeeelp me.
  9. Sir;if u mean ilegal you cant here,if u mean normal house garden ou can sir. I can rent my garden,furnished sir.
  10. Dune ride and staffrod sold out,we have utility Buy Now!
  11. How i be trucker? And i have duneride i can work.
  12. Im Selling Staffrod Utility Dune ride. Staffrod:neon white 2,nitro x10,new wheels. Utility:Nitro x10. Duneride:armored. Price: Staffrod:70k Duneride:you can use it for trucking and more!,its for 80k Utility:you can repair car where you are no need garage!,its for 55k My Phone Mumber is 99854,or Pm Me my New Name is David_Hammelston,tomorow in 23/07/2020 i change it,Or pm me here in forums,reply. And Thanks
  13. Burry

    Request Help

    Help me please.
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