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  1. Please do it every day. it`s fresh and varius!
  2. guys remember this rp events? The site of this building's collapse was fresh and fun like rain in drought in my RP which was similar every time. I don't know who it was, but thank you. Throw us such fresh events once a day. Let's make a story. We're going to have fun. (A few weeks ago, it was fun to see EMS and FD demonstrating in front of City Hall.)
  3. first insert tutorial with 100 quiz to vistor second insert hard 200 quiz to exam be pd volunteer third insert 100 quiz to someone who enter the any crimianl faction and next, to admin...
  4. What is your in-game name? Pen_Jon Which player(s) do you want to report? Derek_Starm, Blake_Casey When did the rulebreak happen? 08/07/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? DM What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Before we don`t any contact to them. What did you feel after watching the video? It's like Purge day movie. I understand that other people create a small reason to fight. But this isn't really right, is it?How long will they do this? I want to root out excessive DM'ers. They are almost turning into monsters. Strong punishment is needed. How did people die by them for no reason? This is the RP server. If these things are not punished, Anyone can say "stop" for two seconds and then kill them all. if admin said "they don`t wrong", so i get it. but please don`t handle it admin who in the criminal Evidence above
  5. What is your in-game name? Pen_Jon Which player(s) do you want to report? Neelabh_Shrivastava When did the rulebreak happen? 07/30/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? PG, q'ed, ooc lie What happened? (quote what rule was broken) already he cuffed. but he don`t comply RP. I might not have reported him. But every cop and admin always suffers from this pain and loses precious time. Modes or strong OOC rules must be modified. P49 cuffed, i try /me drag him push him push him again But he is a god who is not attracted or pushed even if it is cuffd, and he is looking for admin. yes. As expected, the time of me and admin is taken away. without logic He's a god. Even if you shoot a taser, Run away as soon as time passes. a meaningless taser drag him drag him drag him yes. his aider is comming soon with his PG It's hard for admin to come. #7 in queue This is the reality of SAPD suffering. He knows that death is better for him. No one can arrest him. I will not say that he has been defeated after conducting a meaningless investigation he requested ago. And he disappeared with his crime. Maybe he'll kill himself to erase the crime? Evidence above
  6. As expected, he brought in another argument when his argument was blocked. It's all proven wrong. Even if I answer that argument, He will bring another argument. Therefore, there is no need to talk. (Think of yourself as East side security)
  7. Your argument is wrong. Forget it and start another argument. But you're wrong again. The man he shouted fbi was a police officer, In addition, Matthew showed license, whispering fbi. The car also had a siren. The license has a name on it.Matthew Carter. Now your argument is wrong. Are you going to bring in another claim? I'm sorry but I'm not interested in answering countless of your unprofitable and erroneous comments. You should be grateful that you are not being criticized for mentioning the wrong ban. I'm disappointed in you. The end.
  8. Wow, your opinion has been defeated. I liked your other opinions like SAPD's independence, but you're suddenly saying strange things. That's too bad. When you tell someone that it should be banned, you have to take responsibility for it. Like a minimal apology.
  9. you not god, sometimes you commit wrong like other players. most important thing is said "sorry" and "accept" If you are the director of Fbi who is truly recognized by others, show an exemplary figure.
  10. Well, the fact that the player gets on bad terms with head admin, It brings a lot of danger, (To be punished more strongly, for example.) but I won't let it pass on to injustice. Most players don't object to head admin playing the fbi leader and playing the role in a near-God position. This is implicit recognition of players and at the same time respect for head admin. (Let's take it, for example.How long have you been in charge of the fbi leader by a non-admin? For example, in reality, if the director of the Fbi ordered the volunteer to kill the suspect and that was an order that did not have enough reason, Director fbi would have been demoted at least.) There is no need to fight meaningless battles. If Head admins(Leonard, Mattew) don't just admit it and defend it with a long conversation, It's just to be an administrator who's not appreciated by so many people. It's just that an admin has to know how to say "sorry" and "accept." Play like a god, but don't cross the line. Head Admin.If you are really bored, write several IDs. You're not God. Sometimes you can do something wrong. When you're talking about your fault, When did you say sorry to the players recently? You can admit it and apologize, and we can all laugh and play games together again. It's very sad, very disappointing. It's very disappointing. I'll speak for them. I'm sorry. I'll admit it. fault part of them:That I continue to take over the director of Fbi without giving the general player a chance. Acting bad as director of fbi. But not receiving any apology, recognition, or punishment. my fault: I was an ignorant volunteer. I thought through the battle that Fbi and we were the same government forces and the same team fighting suspects together. Countless volunteers, if the FBI asks them to shoot suspects, Volunteers will shoot. Why? In an emergency, they basically know the FBI is on the same team. Volunteers rely on the FBI a little bit, trust the FBI, and if they're asked to shoot, Volunteers think that they're either intimidated or threatened by someone when Volunteers don't see them. Or because volunteers think the fbi is in danger. Through this incident, If no one could keep the power in check, we could see how far they could go. The FBI and SAPD must be independent, and director fbi must have fair competition through IC voting and server owner evaluation.(This is not the Nazi of a dictatorship. It's democracy.) Finally, the Head Advisor should know how to apologize and acknowledge rather than talk. We are adults, not children. Head admin Leonardo and Mattew. I appreciate and respect you who are trying for the server. But ... If you want to go to democracy or enjoy power, you should not hurt people's hearts and let them downs. You're playing games with so many players. You should be respected and at the same time you should be able to respect players. When most people don't respect it and most people disagree, If you don't apologize and don't accept it, you'll just become a dictator.
  11. "When I warned them to put their guns in their hands,If you don't put it in or take it out again, you can shoot."Who said that?Can you tell me the manager's name?I've always been told not to.Even in gun battles and emergencies.
  12. Today I survived this attack fortunately.Are you the suspect in the video?I'm sorry I killed you.I don't want to be banished from the police and the server because of warnings. Take it easy. In my personal opinion,I think there should be a rule to shoot you when you press the panic button. and Whoever has a gun in his hand in a gunfight or an emergency,I think i should shoot right away if they don't put it in or take it out again after the warning.They're not innocent people. There was a gunfight in front of a hamburger restaurant or a car repair shop near your house.And imagine what it says here. I mean, it wasn't wrong.You don't think of common sense by saying common sense.
  13. What is your in-game name? Pen_Jon Which player(s) do you want to report? Leonardo_Stokes, Patrik_Johnson When did the rulebreak happen? 07/16/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? teamkill What happened? (quote what rule was broken) 0:00-:20 fbi. right. 0:20~ fbi said kill him, and look cadet teamkiller. It is a big problem that anyone can be a police officer. Evidence
  14. Thank you for the proper handling.If you're busy, of course you can take care of the Katie and Hamad case slowly, but I hope you don't get buried.
  15. Kazumi: Police Kira: Police me: PoliceSteve Johnson: SuspectKazumi was in the investigation room with Steve Johnson.Kazumi did an RP to check the CCTV.Kazumi checked with OOC.Steve Johnson lied through IC and OOC that there was no fault.I have told Kazumi many times that I have body cam, vehicle black box and CCTV evidence, both IC and OOC.But Kazumi let the suspect go.And Kazumi told me to report to the Player report if you have any evidence.Kira ignored IC and OOC.Kira alerted me with ooc on the contrary.Actually, Steve Johnson is not important to me.The biggest problem is if you don`t punish him, Anyone can lie and be released from the investigation room.Regardless of whether there is IC evidence or OOC evidence.Of course I have all the evidence.You can check with Kazumi directly. (Look at this situation.He lied to us.On the contrary, I am suffering more.)
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