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  1. neph

    Last night

    And finally- yes ofc if anyone ever played lsrp you will know there is people like them that hang out at pizza stack in the mornings when no admins are active and mg, say racist shit, troll and provoke everyone and dm :shrug:
  2. neph

    Last night

    People get away with saying these words in public chat, racism and overall just being intolerable n putting everyone in a bad mood with barely a 5min mute, not acceptable
  3. neph

    Last night

    Honestly it is disgusting and toxicity is a thing in this server that is very overlooked and someone in charge needs to make it against the rules. People love to be racist and disgusting in /p and ooc chat and just ruin everyones mood. Its a big reason of why anyone leaves this server and these depressed teenagers should learn that what theyre doing does not make them cooler in any way or edgy lol
  4. neph

    Kemani Demir

    @Russell sorry for mentioning u but pls see it, me n rochi requested houses in the same place btw
  5. neph

    Kemani Demir

    Name: Kemani Demir Type: House Reason: I need this apartment and probably will ask 4 others in the same apartment estate just for rp purposes, i tried to req it ingame but they made go through this process here its just a simple small crib anyway i think value should be around 50K cuz thats what the others around are heres a pic of it but i dont really mind which door u use as long as its in that building Image:
  6. Good rp but damn you became cop sad
  7. ++++++++++++++++++Respect
  8. Ma boiiiii

  9. @Russell sorry for tagging u but its been almost a week bro
  10. youre a whole ass clown weirdo lol keep this rapist banned bru pm spamming some weird shit

    1. Luke_Hughes


      This guy @Assassin literally reminds me of Zainrock. He was a known defaulter in the previous server. His previous behaviour is still continuing shamelessly.

    2. Mikro


      DonaldDatingNigguhs is warned and put on moderation. Despite what Assassin might or might not have done, it does not give you an excuse to break the rules and post this kind of disrespectful and provocative messages.

  11. my g... they posted a vid of them punching and shooting eachotner and complained that fbi was shouting at them. are you all mad? sapd is fucked. its fucked bro. dead, done. ive had friends that left the server a few hours after joining cuz sapd ruined their rp experience. i dont get wtf this all about i just know that none of pd can rp for shit, not volunteers not officers not supervisors not even weston himself, fbi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sapd pd is ruining the sv
  12. we dont speak ghostemane fan language here sorry g
  13. kane had nothing to lose by hacking n evading but i did, i just went with it cuz at the moment i missed him, he like a role model to me bro u can understand that shit, made dumb decisions bro
  14. my friend in admin team told me: just be honest and calm and tell the truth, so thats what ima do if you unban me i promise on my moms bro we gonna bring some other level type rp to your server. were bringing back KPCC the old gang i made from early 2019 and were planning to do some heavy gang rp with this not like the other groups yall seeing around. what i did was a stupid decision, My friend from 2018 just hopped in offered me some guns and i just went with it i was dumb af but i just acted irrationally and didnt think of the consequences, obviously i regret this hard bro but i look up to kane hes my big homie for a long time he hacked cuz he didnt have nothing to lose and i didnt think of what i had to lose by aiding him. my intention was never to do stupid shit, the past days before i was unbanned all i was doing was tryna rp heavy in ballas and have fun with it, i was trying to avoid shootouts (mostly cuz my aim trash). if you give me this one chance we gonna bring something real new to the criminal groups scene bro, we got good things planned me @Irishman and the rest of menace2society, old players are coming back to join kelly park and do rp with us. i aint tryna get into bullshit rulebreaks no more i just wanna play clean and remember nostalgic times with my old gang and old friends n have a peaceful life in mudoo whenever i got time to play. maybe i was a bit toxic in /p in the past but i love all yall from mudoo yall was a big part of my life these past couple years and i regret throwing them experiences away over some 150 m4 bro it wasnt worth it. i hope you unban me but i will respect your decision since its your server, thanks
  15. yo bumpin this up its been 2days n it got drowned out by alot of other appeals lol
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