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  1. Hello, We want the interior of an office changed. The office is owned by Sam Woods and he will be present while you change the interior. This office is supposed to be our group HQ (Woods Banking) soon. Reason: Current interior doesn't offer good RP environment. Location: Commerce, Los Santos We have a few choices I will be deciding after i see those.
  2. You can either go to our website ((our discord server https://discord.gg/bYCgqwk)) or contact any of these numbers: Ted Woods: 76980 Sam Woods: 53160 Clark Woods: 16642
  3. Take a loan from the Woods Bank Want to buy your dream car? Take a vehicle loan! Want to buy your dream house? Take a property loan! Want to do farming but can't rent a farm? Take a personal loan! Want to buy something else? Take a personal loan! Can't put up a mortgage to buy your first house or car? We got you covered! Open your account in the Woods Bank Why just let your money sit in the State Bank for nothing? Deposit it to us and get interest! Get many more benefits as a Premium Member!
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