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  1. I'm glad you recognize what you did was wrong. Money reduced by 50%, unbanned.
  2. [18:06:01] Muki Saro says: you are bitch officer [18:06:06] * Muki Saro pushes billy inside the vehicle [18:06:06] * Kazuto Sakura grabs mukis hand throwing it off billy [18:06:11] * Muki Saro pushes the officer You guys sent RP lines at the same time, and even if you pulled his hand off of me, he RPed pushing you a few seconds later.
  3. Obviously I won't be handling it as I'm one of the accused. But for the record I didn't even notice his /b, I don't need Muki's advice on what to do. I stayed to frisk you guys anyway, contrary to what he said on /b. As for the PG, I thought it made more RP sense that the power of two individuals would be greater than the power of one.
  4. Your acceleration was not normal, not to mention you quit to avoid dying/being arrested.
  5. You were banned for using mods to avoid the weed plant/harvest animation, not for any FPS mods.
  6. If this becomes a reoccurring issue make another bug report, but I suspect this was a rare issue caused by packet-loss.
  7. I have fixed all the properties inside the Jefferson motel to prevent this. In the future, or if there are currently any other motels where this needs fixed, you can contact any senior admin+ in-game via /support to add the exterior property freeze.
  8. Could you expand on what you mean? I'm unable to find any issues with it. EDIT: Never-mind, I see the issue. Looking into it now. Fixed (live in the next update).
  9. You have the option to turn off the public chat in /settings if you don't want to see it, I don't see the issue.
  10. Everyone loves to preach about how much they're into heavy roleplay, yet no one ever does it. Don't tell me it's not possible because of the server environment either, you don't need anyone else's help to properly roleplay a character.
  11. Lmao, you can't claim a third of the map as your "territory" and then say anyone entering that territory is baiting YOU into a shootout. If you don't want to get into a shootout, then don't shoot them? You're engaging them, they're not engaging you. Not only that, but you follow them WELL outside of BC, basically all the way back to LS. In your video you can clearly see Alex trying to cut them off and run them off the road, if anyone was trying to a bait a shootout, it was your group. You're very clearly chasing them and I'm not surprised they locked the tolls, I'll also remind you that stalking/chasing an officer is illegal. That said, over the past month or two I have noticed PD becoming increasingly DM focused. I rarely see cops even attempt to defuse a situation before shooting, I don't even see basic /b1, /b2 binds being used or other forms of communicating an option for surrendering. I also noticed SWAT being deployed way more than it should be, as well as SWAT vans specifically being used more than they should be. I agree that if they continue to be used as they currently are they will have to be nerfed script-wise, seeing as clearly SWAT can't be trusted to deploy them appropriately. I'll be monitoring this more closely in the coming weeks. The car-ramming video though is against the rules, and you should make an actual report if you haven't already.
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