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  1. Billy

    What's up with this Unfair thing?

    Are you retarded? (question not insult btw)
  2. Billy

    SAPD - DRUG TRANSPORT - 28/07, 17:30

    Nothing better than going for a nice Saturday drive with 30kgs of drugs.
  3. Well are you going to stop aimbotting?
  4. Billy

    Unbanned Unban appeal - Viktor_Bout

    I appreciate your honesty and the apology. However, you must understand that hacking is unacceptable, regardless of your intentions. I hope that the past day or two has given you time to consider the consequences of what will happen if you ever decide to try and hack again. The only difference will be that if this happens again, you should not expect to be unbanned. Unbanned.
  5. Billy

    Denied Unban appeal - Ettore Valdez

    As I informed you in the previous topic, the screenshots don't mean anything; anyone semi-intelligent can fake a screenshot. You used aimbot or something similar to give yourself a major advantage in regards to your accuracy/shooting, you can continue attempting to lie to me or you can be honest and we might actually get somewhere.
  6. Billy

    Unbanned Unban appeal - Robin

    Fairly confident "tree remover.cs" probably isn't allowed either.
  7. Billy

    Denied Unban appeal - Ettore Valdez

    Denied, feel free to re-apply when you're ready to be truthful.
  8. Billy

    Denied Unban appeal - Ettore Valdez

    Yeah the screenshots don't actually mean anything, I just asked for them to see if you were stupid enough to post photos of anything illegal. You used aimbot, and I'm in no rush to unban you; so you can either be honest, or this ban appeal can sit here a while.
  9. Billy

    Denied Unban appeal - Ettore Valdez

    That's nice, now would you like to explain to me why you feel the need to use aimbot?
  10. Billy

    Denied Unban appeal - Ettore Valdez

    Waiting on that beautiful screenshot.
  11. Billy

    Denied Unban appeal - Alberto_Rochester

    You have 14 previous warnings for AFKing without tabbing/pausing the game. If you want to go get your McDonalds, either tab out, or close the game; it's really that simple. I temp banned your for two hours, hopefully that gives you enough time to gather an understanding of the fact that what you have been doing is not allowed, considering the previous 14 warnings didn't seem to make that message clear for you. Appeal denied, wait it out.
  12. Billy

    Unbanned Unban appeal - Brian_Dawson

    Will be unbanned shortly.
  13. Billy

    Unbanned Unban appeal - Brian_Dawson

    Okay, but ensure that you comprehend the following: If you are lagging badly enough that you do not properly take damage, do not play. It is not fair to the other players. Understand?
  14. Billy

    Unbanned Unban appeal - Brian_Dawson

    Regardless of whether or not you were actually lagging or using lag.cs, what occurs in the video above is unacceptable as it clearly gives you a major advantage.

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