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  1. Just tested it in-game and my money was deducted fine, you were likely given a free name change by an admin?
  2. I am unable to replicate this bug, please provide screens/a video if possible or further explain the issue.
  3. He's new but has been warned previously, jailed for 15 minutes.
  4. Jailed for 30 minutes for quitting to avoid arrest.
  5. I have investigated this situation and found that Augstine did in fact deathmatch, I will issue a punishment within the next 24 hours and get back to you.
  6. What rule do you believe he is violating?
  7. Billy

    Content Creators

    I will continue to make more videos if I am supplied adequate weaponry in-game to shoot people when required.
  8. I'm glad you recognize what you did was wrong. Money reduced by 50%, unbanned.
  9. [18:06:01] Muki Saro says: you are bitch officer [18:06:06] * Muki Saro pushes billy inside the vehicle [18:06:06] * Kazuto Sakura grabs mukis hand throwing it off billy [18:06:11] * Muki Saro pushes the officer You guys sent RP lines at the same time, and even if you pulled his hand off of me, he RPed pushing you a few seconds later.
  10. Obviously I won't be handling it as I'm one of the accused. But for the record I didn't even notice his /b, I don't need Muki's advice on what to do. I stayed to frisk you guys anyway, contrary to what he said on /b. As for the PG, I thought it made more RP sense that the power of two individuals would be greater than the power of one.
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