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  1. Did the furniture remain even after you reconnected? Did it show 2 separate objects in the furniture list?
  2. Hi, I'll start by saying if you don't like the outcome of this report (you probably won't) you can contact a server manager, if you make another report it will just be removed. This is not against the rules, punching players to stun them/reset their animation has always been allowed & is a normal function of the game. I have no idea what would lead you to believe this is considered "bug abuse". I will also remind you this is a light RP server. Punching people is allowed. Bunny hopping is allowed. The door had already been breache
  3. Are you able to reproduce this or does it happen randomly? @MrSp3x
  4. @Linda Meyers is this bug still present?
  5. What likely happened was an admin removed your furniture as it violated the rules. Make sure you do not build structures with your furniture or abuse it in other ways, read the rules. If your furniture disappears again and you're sure it wasn't removed by an admin, make another bug report please.
  6. Fixed in the next update, thanks for reporting.
  7. Fixed in the next update, thanks for reporting.
  8. The more you keep pushing this whole "check me now" thing just convinces me more that you were aimbotting earlier and this is your attempt to prove your innocence.
  9. Because it is better than nothing. Trust me, if myself or any other the other developers had the skills, motivation, & time required to make our own client side anti-cheat for this server, we'd be doing it. Nothing would make me happier than removing all the cheaters from Mudoo.
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