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  1. You gave them to the group, not an individual. When you transfer vehicles to a group, they now belong to that group, not you.
  2. Upload the screenshots to imgur.com and post the links in this topic.
  3. Does this bug still occur? Does it happen immediately when you go on EMS duty?
  4. I am unable to replicate this issue, what I assume happened is you got extremely lucky and had the same delivery location twice in a row (~0.1% chance). If this is not the case and this is a reoccurring issue please make another bug report.
  5. First time offense, player will be warned.
  6. Are you actually capable of not just shooting everyone you see on sight?
  7. As a result of pure coincidence, several vehicles were improperly added to the server which caused them to spawn over your head and trigger the anti-cheat at the exact spot you were at in SF. My apologies for the confusion and ban. Unbanned.
  8. Did this happen once or was is it a reoccurring issue?
  9. Your inability to properly mod your game without killing yourself is not our issue. However, for future reference, refund requests go here: https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/forum/330-refunds/
  10. So first you teleport a bunch of cars over your head IG, and now you're appealing with Joseph's account as well. Please explain?
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