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  1. The black screen overlay has been removed in the next update so this will become a non-issue. There's also no way to prevent text-draws from being hidden when TAB is pressed (server side anyway), so I'm very interested in this code you claim to be capable of typing, feel free to PM it to me.
  2. How do you plan on funding this endeavor?
  3. Fact. I leased my farm out to Weston because he actually called me in-game and role-played an IC negotiation. Maybe if you actually tried contact the Finney's & owners of the other farms you might get somewhere.
  4. I already leased my farm out to another investment firm last week. So no they don't own both FC farms.
  5. Unbanned, see that you maintain control of any vehicles you drive this time around.
  6. I've been unable to replicate the issue you're describing, did you happen to possibly be lagging at the time?
  7. Extra ingredients can no longer be added (will be live in next update).
  8. Unbanned, apparently the script is bugged.
  9. Why not? No need to be a negative nancy.
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