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  1. The failure to RP /frisk was a 5 minute jail, it's not related to your ban, they were separate forum reports. You're banned for shooting Tom without giving him time to react to your RP. You have a history of rule-breaking and so the punishment was more severe, but I was more or less curious to hear your side of the story. What you need to understand is that you need to give people time to react before shooting them, writing one /l and then shooting 2 seconds later isn't going to cut it. Anyway, you'll be unbanned tomorrow, locked 'till then.
  2. Your punishment history is extensive and just a few weeks ago you were banned for excessively breaking the rules. You were jailed after being forum reported for frisking & robbing without RP, I checked logs and confirmed this was true. What I want you to explain to me is how you think it is reasonable to shoot someone 2 seconds after you say "handsup".
  3. Is this still an issue even after you restarted your computer?
  4. If you're going to file a forum report, don't bother reporting in-game next time. Already punished by Staz ^.
  5. Most of the issues you are describing are violations of SAPD regulations, not the server rules. Try filing an SAPD officer complaint (https://pd.sagov.us/forms/?n=2) or speaking to someone in the SAPD Supervisory/Command staff. If he is deathmatching you, that is against the server rules, but you need to provide proof (screenshots/videos), logs are not enough most of the time.
  6. Andre_Coleman banned as he has an extensive punishment history, we'll see what he says in his appeal. Flux will not be punished as he did not shoot until you did.
  7. Forum rules are located here for future reference (as you said you couldn't find them): This does not appear to be deathmatching as they had a reason to kill you (you robbed an ATM), but it is an excessive use of force that is against SAPD rules/regulations. I suggest you file an IA complaint here: https://pd.sagov.us/forms/?n=2
  8. Jim_Syndicate has been jailed 20 minutes for quitting to avoid & calling OOC backup. You may contact me in-game for an appropriate refund.
  9. Confirmed, to be refunded.
  10. -Bryan_Piscopo temp banned for a day as he has an excessive history of doing this -Popey Clintow jailed 10 minutes for quitting to avoid
  11. Jailed 10 minutes for quitting in combat.
  12. Insufficient proof for deathmatching, there's no way for us to know if you possibly aimed at one of them or something similar. Next time please provide a video if possible. However, Andre_Coleman has been jailed 5 minutes for failing to role-play frisking.
  13. Jailed 20 minutes for quitting to avoid multiple times.
  14. $543,500 has been transferred from Tony's account to yours, Tony has been unbanned and will receive a 30 day dice ban.
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