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  1. You're attempting to argue that the only way to make money is to automate making heroin. What about the other new players not using automation? What makes you think you deserve to not actually have to do the work while all the other new players do? There are plenty of new players out there actually putting in the work to earn money. If you aren't willing to put in the effort to become rich, then play the server without being rich. Just as you would in real life. If you have an issue with the server's economy the appropriate action to take is to make suggestions to the management/developers, not to cheat your way into wealth. I would also advise you to try out other legal jobs (ex. farming, police work), because I can assure you not all legal jobs "literally give no cash". I've never done any illegal jobs on this server yet I have millions. First and foremost, all the heroin you have produced over the past few days will be removed from your account. You were only just unbanned last week yet here you are again banned... at-least you had the dignity to be honest though. Review date set for January 1st, 2019. P.S. Don't think you'll ever get away with automating tasks here, it's very easy to detect and you can fully expect that your account will be watch from now on.
  2. And yet you still didn't comprehend that automating tasks is against the rules? Do you just not care? Did you actually believe no one would notice? Please explain.
  3. You were just unbanned two days ago, and you decided the appropriate way to return to the server was to use aimbot? You don't seem very appreciative of the chance Matthew gave you. The only reason I'm going to even consider unbanning you is because you were honest and apologized. Review set for 2018/11/18. In the mean time, you can write me a 300 word paragraph explaining why cheating, specifically aimbotting, ruins the experience's of other players and is an all around immoral thing to do. You are also encouraged to expand upon your apology and why you will not be using cheats in the future. You may post your paragraph on your review date.
  4. Was this the first situation in which you decided to use aimbot?
  5. Unbanned, I'll be nice and assume you and your friends are telling the truth.
  6. You've never previously used this account to ban evade?
  7. Was this the first time you ban evaded?
  8. Are you retarded? (question not insult btw)
  9. Nothing better than going for a nice Saturday drive with 30kgs of drugs.
  10. Well are you going to stop aimbotting?

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