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  1. Either: A) It's a new RP scenario, you aren't returning after death but you should have RPed with them properly and they should not have DMed you. or B) It's not a new RP scenario, you are returning after death and they are poorly role-playing by interacting with you. Which option would you like to go with?
  2. Unbanned, apparently the script is bugged.
  3. A manager will look into this further.
  4. Why not? No need to be a negative nancy.
  5. Billy

    My departure

    Best of luck Leo, you were a great leader while you were around.
  6. I have a hard time believing what I saw was caused by lag, but on the off chance it was, I'll unban you. If the situation I saw occurs again, expect another ban.
  7. Review date extended to the 8th of January as a result of this report. Spend the extra timing ensuring you understand the rules regarding deathmatching.
  8. Do you really need me to pull damage logs? I'm not making up anything, I have nothing to gain from banning you or fabricating the story. You rammed your exploding vehicle into a group of players trying to role-play, you got banned. "my game lagged" I find that hard to believe.
  9. >Ram your car into a group of people trying to roleplay a traffic stop causing it to catch fire >make 0 attempt to move the car away >ram the people again instead >blow up car and self while injuring multiple others "admin why ban???" The entire server does not mass DM on a daily basis, it's an extremely rare occurrence I have to ban for it.

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