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  1. Will I need to do something else to get unbanned sir ? @Terry
  2. @Terry I did all what you told me, and it won't happen again. Will i get unbanned ? Please sir
  3. It's a mistake i made, i am really sorry, it won't never happen again and i'll try my best to be a serious in my rp, i swear. I won't do that again, promise.
  4. I erased everything sir, i have installed a new gta sa game without any additional mods or hacks
  5. I learned my lesson, i am looking for a chance without ban or punishement. Thanks for understanding sir @Terry
  6. With all my respect, I won't do this again, it's a promise Mr. @Terry
  7. It's not a lie, it's just that i have in my story mode folder some cheats like weapons, cars, flying........ So i agree that this are troll hacks. The first time I didn't really know what that means sir I swear..... If you unban me, first of all, i'll change my directory to a normal one without hacks. I am looking into playing a serious roleplay without any hacks or breaking rules. I am not looking for doing that, I enjoy the server because its the only realistic and the best of all time
  8. @Terry I am sorry sir, i would love to return as soon as possible. I don't want any punishement, i won't do that again...
  9. Hello, i have two folder games of GTA SA, one of story mode(hacks) and samp(without hacks) and SAMP is running on the folder of story mode, I swear I am not lying, that's why i have troll hacks. I'll change the directory I swear Sir. Don't punish me please, I will never do that again it's a promise
  10. Sir I would know to love what is "troll Hacks", I don't really understand the meaning of "troll Hacks". If you would explain, I can answer Sir. Of course Sir, I'll send you my game folder right now.
  11. What is your in-game name? Ryuk_Pluton Which staff member banned you? Jan_Gvardia When did you get banned? 08/02/2020 What is the ban reason? Troll hacks Personal comment Hello, I was going to 4D casino to see a friend and gamble with him. I arrived to Fort Carson and the server lost connection, i didn't know why so i relogged and I saw that Mr. Jan Gvardia banned me permanently for troll hacks. In my game folder, i don't have any mods or hacks, so may I know why I got banned ? I would really love to get back to the server because I love it a lot. Thank you
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