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  1. What is your in-game name? Ansel_Pbxone Which staff member banned you? Jan Gvardia When did you get banned? 07/21/2020 What is the ban reason? Multiaccounting sharing one pc Personal comment Hello Respected Staff This is happen when u dont care and your retard friend use ur computer he came to my house then he start using my laptop but i think np its ok and then i was busy in my phone but i was not know he would play samp and do shity things like Randi xxx . sometimes he play in another server in his own pc he invite me so many times and i disagree Because Mudoo for life .Then maybe he thinks that i would do this shit and Thier staff would ban ansel .actually he dont want that i play Mudoo RPG and another personal issues with him then i was using my phone and i received message from my friend and i was shocked that i am banned so i did ban appeal . i know that maybe u will not believe on that story . BUT i am so sorry for Multi accounting I never did multi accounting like that .i am sorry for that shit next time this will not happen. BTW why i would make another account because i am not even banned . btw why i would make shity porny name account because My Orignal account that is Ansel Pbxone is not Banned. but now its ban and i apologize this time. i will take care and try that nobody use my Laptop
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