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  1. Denied, re-apply after two weeks when you are ready to be helpful in game. Best regards, Senior
  2. Denied, improve your maturity. Re-apply after two weeks. Best regards, Senior
  3. I am sorry to announce that your application would be considered as denied due to these reasons: Low English skills Re-apply after two weeks and make sure to improve your English and try improvise when you answer the questions above. Best regards, Senior
  4. I am sorry to say that your English is very weak, improve it and put more efforts in your application.
  5. Senior

    Staff Roster

    Resigned as Junior Administrator(2): @Staz
  6. Senior

    Staff Roster

    Promoted to Junior Administrator(2): @Staz
  7. Argon left you no chance to say that I was desynchronized (Bugged as you'all say), you responded positvely to that slap (also the spawn) which means you were not desynced; so just write off that possibility. I will give you one more chance to give up the lies and the chenanigans of yours, otherwise this unban request won't go any further.
  8. Senior

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    Promoted to Junior Administrator(2): @jonaldHD Fired as Senior Administrator (3): @Sergei
  9. Denied, don't PM our staff members to check your application! Re-apply after three weeks. On 23rd November

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