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SA:MP GW Manager
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Senior last won the day on May 26

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  1. Senior

    Staff Roster

    Discharged as Moderator(1): @Chadury Discharged as Junior Administrator(2): @jonaldHD @fzero1 Discharged as Senior Administrator(3): @swag @Sali
  2. Senior

    Staff Roster

    Resigned as Server Leader (6): @OUSSEMA Thanks for all of your services and efforts, you are always welcomed back. Farewell! Hired as Moderator(1): @Nick Alvin
  3. Senior

    Staff Roster

    Promoted to Server Manager(5) @Amine
  4. Senior

    Staff Roster

    Fired as Junior Administrator (2): @Assassin
  5. All the accounts we have by the name of "PAGALLLL" have 0 scores, plus we don't delete accounts here.
  6. Senior

    Staff Roster

    Hired as Moderator(1): @Maxon
  7. OK but we don’t need your services, and since this is your second ban, your unban appeal may not go up that far. Not today but maybe later on! Re-apply after one month. Denied! kind regards, Senior
  8. It is your second ban, how am I supposed to trust you again? Here I shall give you the answer; you could do that by answering these questions honestly without maneuvering. What was the reason behind you using hacks right after you asked me about your possibility to gain a "sensitive" position within our staff?
  9. Contact any Manager+ in game for an interview.
  10. Last login: 4 Jul 2019 - Re-apply when you are active after 2 weeks. Kind regards, Senior
  11. Meet me or any Manager+ in game for an interview.
  12. Senior

    Staff Roster

    Resigned as Senior Administrator(3): @blacknight785 Hired as Moderator(1): @Denzel
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