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  1. Bruh its Sultan not Faggio lmao
  2. Bar location : Queens SF. ((Near Gvardia HQ)) Value : 200.000$ Buyout :150.000$ Phone number : 50364 E-mail ((Discord)) : N0TME#2624 Pictures :
  3. Want to Trade it for 3k hp custom plated?
  4. Drop your offers : Note you must bid 20.000$ more then the previous one so your offer get noted.
  5. 24/7 : Location:ELQ_Value:300.000$_Buyout:250.000$ Bar : Location:GhostsTown_Value:360.000$_Buyout:150.000$ Clothes shops 1- Binco clothes shop Location:SF_Value:320.000$_Buyout:150.000$ 2- Suburban clothes shop Location:SF_Value:500.000$_Buyout:100.000$
  6. Trading it for a 3k HP Huntley Or Stafford, Admiral but with money.
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