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  1. I got DM'ed by a guy , than Kacper told me i'll refund u , and he didn't , i lost a Mask , armour , Desert eagle and a shotgun .
  2. La Dealership Di Veicolo BUYING an NRG-500 or a SULTAN . Contact the : 696 ( IG ) : https://discord.gg/uknKG3
  3. Aze_

    Request Help

    he got nothing bruh , how will players be interessted to join his " gang " . i dont he dont need 5M but at least he need something to amaze the comunity .
  4. Aze_

    Request Help

    Go do some drugs , trucking , join a group , get 5m or something like that , than think about creating one .
  5. Aze_

    Request Help

    Bro stop fucking spamming about opening a group , u r lvl 10 or 14 u dont even know how the server works , thank got i kicked u , u got warned + perma banned after 5mins , learn how to RP , get some friends nd people , join a fucking group and try to understand its strategy , than when u reach lvl 18-20 if u think u r well good for it , open one ! stop annoying everyone and asking for help , u look like a 12yo kid . good luck .
  6. 300k for rancher , 500k for Patriot .
  7. The Personnal forum account of Aze Genovese .

    1. iMarcell



    2. iFrost



    3. Ray



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