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  1. 10 days without an answer - _ - they are just letting me wait for nothing , at least say something . Dont let me wait 45 days or idk how much + i have only this few days to play cuz of my studies.. You didn't even let me a chance to talk with u or something , u r just ignoring this post for no reason . I want to get an answer OR a reason for ignoring my appeal .
  2. Well i've said it up there in my appeal , i'm aware about the shit i did and i'm really sorry for wasting your time cleaning after the mess i did cuz i was really angry and mad about some things and when i calmed down i talked to some of them and tried to "fix" what i did , and tbh the scamming thing is ICly and no one should refund them or something , the thing that u should did is to take the group and make Lincoln owner that's all , i'm not saying that i aint wrong or something but i just wanted to clear some things , i was mad and angry + i scammed Lincoln just to take my revenge about wha
  3. The server is perfect in my opinion , there is no need to upgrade the RP or something likethat , as Oldman said , just fix the Metagaming/Powergaming rules and it'll be perfect , cuz cops/players here if they want to take a revenge from someone they just see the name and go rifle him till death + create a huge shootout for nothing , if just that changes , it'll be better .
  4. 2000 hours later...


    1. dellpacker


      your pfp is trash man change it

    2. Aze_


      Nah , just keep urs ^^

  5. Appeal restricted for managers only . ( just incase that u didn't saw it or something^^ )
  6. What is your in-game name? Aze_Genovese Which staff member banned you? Eduardo_Santos When did you get banned? 08/25/2020 What is the ban reason? Script abuse to ruin groups, appeal restricted for managers only Personal comment Well , i've been told to re-request a new ban appeal on the 1st October , and finally this day came . So , i want to appology about all the bad things i've done on that day to the personnes involved and the management for giving them an extra work for what i did i
  7. Best scenes = Ed , nothing else to say .
  8. What's happening on the 26th september ?

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    2. Ricky_Martin


      @In Memoriamthis is not Argonath, so there wont be no stats reset. Piss off, ask Argo admins what they did to their server when it was RS4 to RS5 how they lost hundreds of players in a stat reset so no, shut the f up.

    3. Francesco Carlton

      Francesco Carlton

      they will unban you on 26th 😂😂😂

    4. Aze_


      h a h a h a 

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