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  1. @Simon Riley 1.5M with costum plated "Carter" also level 4 alarm
  2. @MrSp3x 600k and next drop your offer.
  3. There's a point that we can record all game but those who don't have this issue and to avoid situation they can plug off their wire to show that their power went off. In my country most of it happens suddenly, i mean it dose not have a fix time to go out. Administration should create a system like that no one can cheat and everyone got equal justice.
  4. Selling Gas station 11 which is near LS-LV toll, Red County. It gives good profit but my bad is that i have to pay a loan of 4m that's why i am selling this. Value: 566k Starting bo: 4M
  5. Unbanned, solved on discord ticket. @Weston please refund TCC 3 group points.
  6. Leme clarify more that when anyone got suspected by PD,FBI or SWAT, the suspected player got a message in blue that you are suspeted by cop name for reason. This is same when Ezabila suspected me in Mask i got a message in blue with her name that Ezabila suspected you of Illegal weapons. Else you can check my logs too that i ggot message when she knocked me and suspected me.
  7. What is your in-game name? Rupert Lazarri Which staff member banned you? Westone Lockheed When did you get banned? 09/09/2020 What is the ban reason? using tool to identify player mask Personal comment Well I know why i got ban, i was having some mess with admin Ezabila, she was on FBI duty in mask, she trying to arrest me on weed field and i try to escaped but she knocked me, when she suspected me, i got a message that Ezabila suspected you. so i make a support ticket before her trolling
  8. Name: Interior change. Type: Business Reason: Change my gs 11 24/7 interior to id 4 24/7 Image:
  9. @Sam Woods CANCEL my REQUEST, I have sold it.
  10. Happy Birthday to me. @INFERNO


  11. Name: Rupert Lazarri Type: Business Reason: I want to change my 24/7 to tool store because there are many 24/7 nearby but no tool store there, so it will be helpful to players. Image:
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