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  1. So first of all I want to apologize if I made a mistake, and then if I renamed it is because we were too much on me and I wanted to play calm within the rules of course I regret so much 'have a caiser like this I wanted to start all over again in order to play chill without any problem I even had the idea of multi-account / banevad so that we forget that I am a Bogota or a Piscopo what I don't 've not done because breaking a rule, if it is possible to unban me this time, and you will see for yourself that I am not going to fault, I love this server as I said I regret to have such a record, before I did not care to penalties at the beginning I did not know that I was going to stay there on mudoo because it is a very nice welcoming waiter and I love it. Finally I am really but really sorry for my terrible behavior, thank you to you, I am still waiting for a positive response, good evening.
  2. Why am I going to waste my luck stupidly like an idiot I can assure you I didn't shoot the person in question I came to the rescue you can go see the newspapers instead of go to my punishment locker
  3. Yes and yes, do you have the kill logs or a video where I shoot the person in question? Because I can assure you this time that I didn't shoot the person.
  4. Quel est votre nom dans le jeu? Dona_LaMuslim Quel membre du personnel vous a banni? Fłynn McGregor Quand avez-vous été banni? 08/07/2020 Quelle est la raison de l'interdiction? Not here for rp. Commentaire personnel First of all hello/ good evening, I’m here to tell the strict truth and be honest, so I was ban for 'not the for rp'' because you thought I shot one person with Mehdi and the other while I can’t assure you that I didn’t shoot the person but, I pulled another car that was Marco Gomez’s that was about to pull us over, and then you put me in the same batch as Mehdi and the other one, when they killed the person in question I went to see the person to help him here is proof that I’m leaning towards the person and saying: [02:44:26] Dona LaMuslim said [gangster accent]: I don’t fucking have BLS., that’s what I had to say, good night to you. I like mudoo-rp i'm so sorry, Flynn.
  5. I have taken into account everything I have done and regret so much, I intend to change this behavior play normally and it's a promise that I won't do the same again, give me one last chance you'll see for yourself you'll never hear from me again. I'm really sorry for my toxic acts, hope you accept my apologies, I love mudoo-rp and I won't spoil the luck if you are going to give me one, good night to you. I'm so sorry
  6. What is your in-game name? Sadek_Piscopo / Ezabila Brydon Which staff member banned you? Sami_Shelby When did you get banned? 07/28/2020 What is the ban reason? DM Personal comment Hello, since I’m here to tell the truth I’ll explain in detail what happened, first of all I was with the Ballas in the gas station with them when an lspd arrives with his bike I decide to point him with my weapon he takes the leak until the pizzeria I am with my colleague Josh then the lspd in question come to fire on me I kill him So it’s all right there was a reason until now, Then I’m in the car with my friend Josh_Corbeille who runs into the same person I killed he goes down and shoots the cop again what I didn’t understand I’d confess and we did TP for an admin explanation with the cop in person and the admin, Josh_Corbeille starts shooting Ezebial in admin explanation what she can confirm but she was in godmod what is normal, then we explain our case she asks Josh Corbeille why he killed the cop again he criticises ' 'I was going to help my friend ' ' I was in no way concerned about the 2nd kill on the cop, So I did not understand, so I was tired of asking for the sanction on the spot and here I am, apologizing, on the way Josh_Corbeille he is in banevad he have 2 account Sylvain_Chacken and Josh_Corbeille, He blames me, I’m going to unmask him here on a good evening. (( Sorry for my bad english ))
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