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  1. Appeal denied. Make another appeal when you're ready to admit it.
  2. You have loads of banned accounts, all registered on your IP, how do you explain that?
  3. Excuse me, can you please point out which part I disrespected you? I didn't compare a bot to your neighbour. I simply said both lead to same results, continuous flow of commands, with no one available to talk, comply to roleplay, or even move around to prove his presence. In simple words, both lead to same results = same punishments. I also am not going to buy your story, so if you want an unban, I am expecting you to simply admit your mistake.
  4. If you're going to leave a 9y/o who isn't capable of RPing with someone shall a situation start, or even talk in the chat, doing keybinds to cook meth, what difference does this make than leaving a Macro Keybind on?
  5. I am going to say what I said to your buddy Nicolas since its the same situation
  6. Why should I consider unbanning you, especially that you wasted my time lying about the situation, saying that he opened fire on you first, while his proof clearly shown you DMing him, then when I confronted you about it, you were too arrogant to admit your mistake, that you shown toxic behavior saying "whatever just punish us" and then killed him?
  7. To be honest, anyone complaining about PD and claiming they are a bunch of DMers/Claiming they are OP or abusing their powers should re-consider. We have people who are suspects and going to cops themselves "HEY I AM SUSPECT". We have people who will shoot a cop because he tried to do a simple traffic stop. We have a bunch of DMers who will ally up with 50+ criminals, all carrying HW and chase SWAT and PD down to their headquarters due to a scene that originally initiated between a volunteer and someone who probably evaded a TS or some shit, do you want me to keep going? In real life a criminal won't go on a NRG and shout to a cop "HEY I AM A MURDERER CATCH ME", or someone who is wanted will go chase after a cop to kill him, instead of running away. What do you expect from PD? To carry some UZIs and use low-rider vehicles for their duty? Of course they are fucking OP they are supported by government. You can't expect some terrorists living in the desert or some mafia to take down FBI, SWAT, and PD. Sure there will be times when PD is outnumbered and will lose, but at least we accept it because this is a game in the end and point is to have fun, I can't tolerate people who expect to always initiate a meaningless shootout and expect to win it when they get 15+ cops on their ass. I am not defending PD, It has its flaws, but so do criminals. A shootout initiates at idlewood, you see people getting killed, you see cops and criminals trading fire, and you wander inside recklessly, and then cry when you get killed or arrested, what did you expect? A fucking candy? And mostly those who are entering are allies who are here to help, and their reasoning when they get arrested are "WE DONT DO ANYTHING HE ARREST ME FOR NO REASON". 3 days ago there was a shootout with SWAT and 20+ criminals who were protecting a friend, who was a suspect for murder. SWAT arrives on the scene and one guy has his hands up. He isn't a suspect nor did he engage in the shootout, so he was told to leave, 15 seconds later he is sniping us from our backs. If he was arrested earlier, he'd cry as well for being arrested without any proper reasoning You can make millions in a week if you produce enough drugs. You can get damage resistance. You can get RPG, IEDs, and Grenades which aren't even accessible by anyone in PD personnel. You can produce and use HW as much as you want and no one will address you for it as long as it's used within OOC rules. Cops have regulations. HA will never shoot at on-foot people unless they open fire at it, which is reasonably fair. Rhinos were never used since the day they were added. We have limited weapons stocks, and we use HW only with regulations. This is getting out of hand, how we get 5+ reports and supports whenever a shootout ends because someone is mad the scene didn't end in the way he wants it to end. You don't get to decide how the scene ends. You provoked cops. Deal with it. Don't go provoking someone and be mad when he fucks you over. Get rid of the "always want to win" mentality already. You will win sometimes, you will lose sometimes. That's how it is. Let me make it simple You don't want to get SWAT on your ass? Don't team up with 15+ and go on a murder spree. You don't want to get your ass nuked by HA? Don't shoot at HA. You don't want to get your maverick shoot at? Don't trespass into areas that are locked down, fully knowing that they are locked down and knowing that you will get shoot down if you trespass. You don't want to engage in a 20 mins pursuit? Don't go shooting at a cop because he wanted to give you a speeding fine. Everything you do will be reflected on the same level on you, so don't go complain when you lose as a result of your own decisions. If you want to see PD become a bit less harsh, I suggest you become a bit more reasonable with your scenes. That means no DM feasts over petty reasons, no constant copbaiting, no chasing and killing cops for fun. This is a RP server, so start RPing. If you are here for CnR, there are plenty of servers out there for that.
  8. In any case, it's still your fault, whether you admit it or not, 3 accounts were banned from your IP address. Please make another appeal using your main account.
  9. Why would one of your discord friends have 3 banned accounts registered on your IP? You know that lying is wasting everyone's time here and it won't help you with the appeal.
  10. Anderson Smith - Kane Bawzaer - Kevonte Hunter Do you deny owning any of those accounts?
  11. In my opinion its not allowed at all to target your criminal RP on a specific player whenever they're online since it doesn't make since ICly (to search for a specific player to rob and you don't even know him ICly) and ruins their fun OOCly. Management should make a clear rule about this.
  12. Hello once again. As this is your 3rd ban, you will be unbanned after a month, with 80% of wealth removal. Keep in mind that this is your last chance, and if you are ever banned again, there will be no chance for you to get unbanned.
  13. Will unbanning you this time change a thing and make you actually read the rules and follow them?
  14. Hello, Kane. This is a screenshot of your punishments history -- As you see, in the period from 23rd of April to 10th of May (About 17 days), you got 16 punishments, 3 of which are permanent bans. Moving on, regarding the incident, you were cuffed and put inside a rancher. Locking the doors was RPed as well. Yet you simply went out and started to run away. When I asked you numerous times why you did this, your answer simply was: "ya cant use yar admin powers" I kept repeating the same question, hoping I'd get any logical answer from you, but you didn't give me one. Can you explain this now?
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