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  1. You have an extended history of punishments, not to mention that one of the admins warned you before for Trolling. You saw the police using a vehicle and as soon as the driver stepped out, you went ahead to tow it away. What guarantees that you won't be causing any more trouble, even after your multiple warnings and punishments?
  2. Unbanned. Careful next time not to mention other servers/communities names in public chat.
  3. Necessary details are in the post. The mansion is in Marina, market value is $851,154. It doesn't have alarm installed. We're open for offers of BO For more pics of the interior: https://imgur.com/a/hrSZzoG
  4. In my opinion, generally speaking. This will never get solved. You can never have something a 100% perfect without any issues. This is a game we're speaking about and from time to time people will do unacceptable things by other parties just for fun. As of this incident, I believe all of these discussions are leading nowhere. Parties from FBI insist that it was COMPLETELY the volunteer's fault. Parties from SAPD side say that the engaging FBI members were part of the whole problem initially, which, again, in my opinion, is what I agree on As of how this could be fixed, I believe that a s
  5. This Lieutenant spoke his opinion about what's going on. You can't just accuse me of fueling hatred towards FBI, just because I spoke facts about what happened. Long story made short, FBI Director, who happens to be a community manager, alongside his friend, ordered a volunteer to shoot a cuffed suspect, with no reason whatsoever, and instead of acknowledging your mistake and at the very least apologizing for it, you're throwing all the mistake on the whole police department and blaming them for it. When was it ever so hard to act like every human and an apologize for your mistake, instead
  6. Arendameth


    Mixing IC and OOC information acquired from OOC and IC chats is a server rule. Using info that is acquired from third parties (like discord) is allowed, and I remember a manager saying something along those lines: "Metagaming can't be enforced, thus is allowed in some ways and disallowed in others" Therefore, backup calls and giving info of the incident via discord is being used by all government groups and criminal ones, which is reacting to info gained from OOC sources. Business and house deals are constantly being done by gaining info from the owner via the info bar, which is consi
  7. Arendameth


    Whether we have info that confirms whether they are FBI agents or not. The incident can't be considered as an IC one. The FBI agent simply encouraged a police officer to kill an unarmed suspect, who was cuffed and not posting any threat to anyone. Which is DM the way I see it. Regardless of what happened before, and regardless of whether this is IC or not, I summarized the whole thing up there. Someone not posing a threat, a FBI agent encouraged an officer to kill him, which is breach of Unrealistic roleplay (There is no way an FBI agent would encourage murder of a cuffed person in a pub
  8. The meth you produced using the keybinder will be removed from your inventory. I will reply to this topic once you're unbanned.
  9. Appeal denied. Make another appeal when you're ready to admit it.
  10. Excuse me, can you please point out which part I disrespected you? I didn't compare a bot to your neighbour. I simply said both lead to same results, continuous flow of commands, with no one available to talk, comply to roleplay, or even move around to prove his presence. In simple words, both lead to same results = same punishments. I also am not going to buy your story, so if you want an unban, I am expecting you to simply admit your mistake.
  11. If you're going to leave a 9y/o who isn't capable of RPing with someone shall a situation start, or even talk in the chat, doing keybinds to cook meth, what difference does this make than leaving a Macro Keybind on?
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