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  1. etz

    Last night

    can somebody lock this thread already? Made from a stupid accusation, developing into an even bigger stupidity post by post
  2. etz

    Last night

    I also believe that there are two sides to this story, but that doesn't change the fact that Spagerollis are a fun, run and gun type of a group, not roleplay.
  3. i don't understand the concept of powergame, this is why I joined a light roleplay server
  4. Need to set myself into a proper residence, instead going from a motel to another motel for months now. I'd like to buy a property, where I can rest my head after a long shift at work, a place I can call my own. My budget is only $50,000 at the moment, if I'll raise more money, I will update it with the further information. If you have something that I am looking for, please contact me via phone at 75405 or you can email me your offers at russos@gmail.com (( this thread )) with the proper providence of pictures aswell. Thank you.
  5. etz

    Carshow Suggestion

    not hard to make this yourself through in character methods and im not just talking about /ad instead, plan ahead days before the actual event takes place post an ic thread with the content of the event, maybe add somewhat of activites related to the vehicles for the players to take part in, advertise prizes and you might use /ad days before to get more people aware about the upcoming event days ahead it takes patient planning, but efficency, effort and patience is the key to your problems but as stated above, bullshorns on sanchez's and stupid mods etc just wouldnt make an appealing event to the eye, but thats how the gamemode is presented to the players and theres nothing we can do about that smh
  6. ive been around roleplay since 2007 actively, year after year so its time to just let loose right, gettin way too old to be sweatin out mes everyday there are days situations which I do like and then ill roleplay the shit out of it but after trying to develop WF13 I realized this passive roleplay doesnt cut for me nomore, need to seek something more in general population of the server, so I chose PD
  7. we all know how these grasshoppers be nowada6s, laces untied and everything loosey goosey, just a matter of time when someone slips at the interrigation room and accidentaly cracks their head
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