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  1. Moderator application - [EXALT]Dr.Yousef

    Against your English capabilities aren't enough. Work on improving it
  2. hi oussema its jesuss i going to my freand  home and play i that place so he have no thing for punishment so  pls don't Ben his account its my work not him thanks oussema

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    2. jesuss


      hey bro when i going to my freands home my bro come to game with my accout

      i was in my freand home and in his computer with my account okey pls hime back to game oky


    3. jesuss


      i change my name and site iron

    4. jesuss


      my bothers account its young and his really name its reza

  3. Moderator application - Rinzler

    Ok I see that you modified your application and your English became better so I am giving you my support good luck
  4. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    You have been banned by zainrock for map run wait for the admin till he replies
  5. Maths test tomorrow wish me luck :D

  6. Moderator application - Hawk

    last seen 12/03... I guess he aint interested anymore
  7. Moderator application - Rinzler

    you are active so active acutally but your english gives you a problem in communicating with others so I am against
  8. Moderator application - Ebaad_24

    Improve your activity and then we will see
  9. Moderator application - Hawk

    you seem mature and pretty helpful guy. you have quite a good english capabilities just work on your activity and there is the problem that you just registered so i ll go neutral
  10. Moderator application - [322]Artisty

    I am giving you my supoort you are active an ex staff member if i am not wrong and you have quite a good experience you are actually quite helpful as well ..
  11. well you were discharged due to your immaturity and I still didnt see that much approvement in it so sorry i am dis-recommanding you
  12. You have got my support You a really mature person, active and helpful which is something we need. I see as well from your reports ig and here that you have some knowledge about hacks Keep it up
  13. +Active +mature +helpful +kind +good english capabilties +ex moderator you have got my support
  14. +1 from me you have good communication skills, a good basic knowledge on the server, i guess you are an ex moderator if i am not wring, and you are active but you should work on helping people even more looks good overall keep it up