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  1. Consider this as a last chance if I get any single lil report about another advertisement either through discord or ig consider this account ended... You ll be unbanned ASAP.

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    Promoted to Server manager (5): @Senior
  3. We have other vacant moderator positions...

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    Promoted to Lead administrator(4): Goodnight Resigned as Lead Administrator(4): swag Thanks for your service you are always welcomed back
  5. last seen 23/08... Re-apply whenever you return
  6. Denied... Copied application .. reapply in 3 weeks...

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    Reinstated as Senior administrator(3): John_suicide Resigned as Lead adminstrator(4): Amine
  8. Denied re apply when you are active again...
  9. Wait so this is your account or your brother's account?
  10. Denied re apply when you return from your inactivity
  11. Denied, your application is copied. re-apply in 2 weeks.

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