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Rooney Winters

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  1. Report is handled, the conclusion is that Monzo Collins did not roleplay frisking, whereas Halim Gammoudi did. Player will be punished, thanks for reporting! L&A.
  2. Player was punished. Thanks for reporting. L&A.
  3. The player was warned for his actions. Thanks for reporting L&A
  4. The player was verbally warned for not giving enough time to the player to respond to RP. He is level 1 and is directed to read the rules. L&A
  5. I will be looking into this. Please wait while I talk to the reported player.
  6. I will be handling this. I will talk to the reported player.
  7. [b]Your in-game name:[/b] [AC]Rooney [b]Picture of in-game statistics:[/b]
  8. Simple, dont go by air, dont shoot at hydra, if he harms you, then you report. About the SWAT inviting random people, they people who were recently invited (the recruits/volunteers) are experienced and trained people from other servers, I guess.
  9. If you are confused, simply stop, comply, get an investgation, roleplay.
  10. Supported, we need strict rules against racism.
  11. I know there have been many racist people in Mudoo, talking shit about Pakistanis as a whole and targeting races, but all we can do is ignore them and block them. Thats what I do as a solution, but prohibiting ANY kind of racism would be better. Command: /block
  12. Good luck everyone. 18 CET is hard but I will try to be there.
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