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  1. I will handle the report. Wait till I contact the reported player, even though the evidence is clear enough.
  2. Logs have been checked and it's clear that he roleplay'd after using the command to rob your cash. Player will be punished. Thanks for reporting L&A.
  3. Logs have been checked and it has been found that it was not DM, you were a suspect and had murdered an officer just few minutes before it. And you havent showed any scene from that in your video proof nor did you talk about it. L&A
  4. The player has been jailed. Thanks for reporting. L&A.
  5. The player will be punished accordingly. Thanks for reporting. L&A.
  6. I will be handling this report. Also, the player is level 2, so he might not be aware of the rules.
  7. Logs have been checked and the player will be punished. Also, make a ticket ingame for a refund once you see a manager ingame. L&A
  8. Was discussed on discord with the reported party and the reporter. L&A
  9. I will handle this. Please be patient until I contact the reported players and find out the story behind it
  10. Emilio and Tay Smith led the attack and mislead everyone which confused others to attack so they will be the only ones to punished for randomly aiding. Thanks for reporting. L&A.
  11. You were carrying explosive material and you used it infront of the police, which is very dangerous, and a valid reason to kill a suspect. Moreover, killing a suspect than tasing him is breaking the IC regulations of SAPD, which is reportable to PD if you remain alive. L&A.
  12. Killing inside a safezone was indeed wrong, and the player will be punished for it.
  13. I will be handling this. Please wait till I contact the reported player.
  14. I will be handling this report. Please have patience.
  15. Report is handled, the conclusion is that Monzo Collins did not roleplay frisking, whereas Halim Gammoudi did. Player will be punished, thanks for reporting! L&A.
  16. Player was punished. Thanks for reporting. L&A.
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