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  1. *Name: Rooney Alias(optional): - *Phone number: 1656 *Vehicle used: Premier
  2. Rooney

    Group Council

    - In-game name: Rooney - Registration date: 21 September, 2018 - Most recent punishment, type and date: I think I was last punished around November, it was a ban but it was solved. - Current group membership: SAPD - Police Cadet - Previous group membership: The Gambino Family - Motive for joining the council: Well, my main aim after joining the council will be to help the server first of all. I want to manage the groups which are having problem and help the groups in need. I wish I can solve all the problems of them and keep them peaceful. - Three positive and negative attributes about yourself:  Positive: Honest, Turstworthy, Reliable Negative: Bad temper, I would argue much.
  3. Hello, I would like to ask that would anyone care to give a response here?
  4. Rooney

    My departure

    Good luck Leo, you were actually a great man around the server. Take care and hope to see you returning back, soon.
  5. I agree with Paco and support the suggestion. I think bringing back the Official status will make the groups alive once again.
  6. Rooney

    Racing Event

    What is the day of the race?
  7. What is your in-game name? Rooney Which player(s) do you want to report? Ethan Hunt(now Leon Santos) When did the rulebreak happen? 12/10/18 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? N/A What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I sold my house to Ethan_Hunt but he didn't had the value (50k) at that time then I gave him 50k and he said he will repay me. But after that he vanished and now I came to know that he is Leon and he was Ethan_Hunt. I just want my 50k back. Note: The date I entered isn't the accurate, it was around that date. I don't properly remember the date. Evidence
  8. Rooney

    Group Turfs

    I suggest adding turfs all over the map, and if someone sells/buys over a group's turf the turf owner group would get some amount of the money the seller got from the stuff.
  9. Agreed. Its a good idea buddy. And yeah I agree that Soprano has a great family structure, well organised and disciplined. Same with Gambinos but a little prob in Mobsters.
  10. Thank you, I won't banevade obviously after trying this much to get unbanned. Atlast, the ban is 10 days. Once again, thank you. Regards Rooney
  11. Actually, let me tell you honestly once again, the thing was that he crashed, I shot and I know it was my mistake and I already told you that I shot in air> shot car> and one shot hit him maybe(I was lagging therefore "maybe"). But I think that I gotta finally admit it tgat it was DM but as he also shot back, he shouldn't had did that. She would had just directly report instead of shooting me back. And I only just shot 1 or 2 shots and the rest of shots were by Jawwad_Khan. I'm not making any stories here, and for the quit, I really had a work IRL to do and then I came back to explain to you but you just banned me directly, also I didn't see that Jawwad has said "You aren't banned" or something, he told me after I got banned. It was hours after I got banned. Other than that, I apologize for my mistakes and I make sure that I won't do it in future. And also, I need a chance, please. I love this server and I don't really wanna leave it as I was much friends here who make me comfortable playing here. I am really really sorry about that, and by the way, it isn't that for DM you permanently ban someone. If you say you banned because of "lie" too then I am telling you it wasn't a lie, I told you directly and it was just because of my internet speed, the messages come late. I hope you can understand me properly, once again, sorry. I just need another chance. I will be taking care to follow the rules always and I will next time not let anyone complain for me. Regards Rooney Thank you
  12. What is your in-game name? David_Gambino Which staff member banned you? DerekC When did you get banned? 10/02/18 What is the ban reason? Lying to admins - Deathmatching Personal comment Well, I was passing in front of LSPD with an emergency fire truck, then a guy named "AnthonyE" crashed into me so bad and my car was damaged badly. I went out of the car and once shot in air, then shot his car and maybe one shot hit him. Then he got out and started shooting me. After that, Jawwad came as he was nearby and he started shooting Anthony, then for a while I went away and went to hide, and I didn't shoot. In the end, I shot one bullet and it hit Anthony and he died. Then Mini_me said me to "kill him" (he said himself) and I did it. Then DerekC came as a PD and pulled me over, I told him that an admin is with me and I am talking and then he came on admin duty and started talking too. After that I told them what happened, then at the end he said "bye" I really had to go so I did /q and then came back after some time and he said "hi david" and then permanent banned me for this shit. I request to other respective admins to look into this matter and please unban me.

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