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  1. Bruce, value? And also are you accepting direct buyout or I can offer? Herman, I dont want it, sorry.
  2. Profit per week with evidence. @Raees_Mujahid
  3. Increase PD paychecks sir... Decrease taxes of ammunations too please.
  4. Rooney

    | CraZe Media |

    Pls follow rules sir or beN !!!!
  5. Title says it all. Place your offers by using the format below: [B]Name:[/B] [B]Property:[/B] [B]Location:[/B] [B]BuyOut:[/B]
  6. If its up for sale, let me please know what BO you’re looking for.
  7. Your ingame name:- Rooney Williams Your phone number:- 1565 Message:- Whats your opinion and action on the poor people getting no rights and getting bullied by the rich people? The poor people have no place to live and no place for employment/treatment. Provide them free hospitals and make new jobs, please.
  8. I agree with one group able to own one farm. That would work as a warehouse. The money should be refunded to Finneys and then this feature should be added. Support
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