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  1. Drop your offers below. Format: Location: Value: Buyout:
  2. I didn't bid but @David Richman did.
  3. I guess still no one has made a campaign event...
  4. Good thinking! Lets make Criminals OP too and change RPG to CnR!
  5. Thanks to everyone for your love and support! Haters are the motivators! 

  6. Its the day when I joined Mudoo, June 21st
  7. Kacper Why Shoot M4 Everytime Why You Breach Regulation? High Command Please Fire Him .
  8. Great RP ! Keep up .. !
  9. Yes bro he dieded ... Am WtF ...
  10. Your In game name: Rooney Glitz Possibility to attend: MID
  11. Good to have some events. Looking forward to join.
  12. Amazing, great job.
  13. Same, was looking forward to a convoy event. Sounds great
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