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  1. Hi im looking for a mansion in LS with huge exterior and parking space for 6cars and my budget (value+buyout) is around 9m Contact no:9899 (if im offline leave an sms)
  2. Hey Guys, Im really looking for a big mansion In Richman,Mullholand and also intrested in 3 other mansions . One opposite to the ls bank opposite of FBI HQ and other near the temple gs which has a a value of 6.5m and i guess its owned by Mr.Jan Gvardia and also the white house by Russel_Stokes. My Requirements are a huge exterior with yard and parking space for minimum 6 cars The maximum budget i can give Including Value and Buyout is around 8.5m My Contact no in game is 9899 Name: johan_shiju
  3. Hey i wanna buy the g wagon actually is it in the same g wagon design or previous huntley design And is it still available like how many stockes left..?
  4. hey guy, im planning to buy some burgershots and cluckin bells in ls ,pls say ur offers(v and bo) if selling Contact Phone:9899
  5. Selling Mansion in dowtown ls near bank ls fully furnished alarm level4 3cctvs parking space v:360k Offer BO Contact Phone:9899
  6. well 5.5m will be fine..? (total) But like i said i need parking space for 6 cars. Can the mansion acquire the space..?
  7. Hey guys,im looking for a mansion in richman , mullholand My requirements are a big exterior and parking space for 6 cars My budget (v+bo) is 4m
  8. Sir I didn't know that .. I'm extremely sorry for what I have done... Pls unban me sir..
  9. i know but i was not aware of this particular rule pls unban me...
  10. What is your in-game name? johan_shiju Which staff member banned you? Andrew_Clarson When did you get banned? 08/11/2020 What is the ban reason? Script abuse(thief deliver) Personal comment I am extremely sorry for the mistake i have done i actually didnt have any idea on this. i promise that i wont repeat it again.
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