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  1. tzn w jaki sposób, jakie są dobre metody? //dopiero odpisuje bo miałem laptopa w naprawie
  2. lol Polak, z poczatku myslalem ze zle widze xd no tak myślałem, z tego co czytałem; wszystko się zgadzało, ale inni piszą co innego i miałem mętlik to teraz... jak mam te osoby zebrać, żeby stworzyć z nimi grupę oraz wstawić temat na forum?
  3. ah, so i can post group topic, if i am alone; including recruiment stuff and when i gather at least 4 members, i can request for script in game?
  4. so I can post my criminal group on forum, if I am alone? but on requirements is that I need 4 members for it
  5. ok, but what if I am playing with someone, but it's limit to minimum and I am playing somewhere, where no people? where exactly, what channel?
  6. i would like to ask; is there any way to gather people ooc'ly to criminal group, i read about creating groups and I can post about recruitment and gather people to criminal group, but first i have to have this four people (with me) and post criminal group topic later, but i would like to gather people, recruiment them somehow and create topic on forum or create topic with some community group, which turn to criminal, give discord (if someone want join, recruiment stuff etc) and play with them together (start from zero; so not four member, but only me at the begining and will be creating crimin
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