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  1. Server changed name to mudoo again in samp. WEEEEHOOO! Looks like we getting low players. ??
  2. Vicc.


    I just made the topic for fun, who wants it fixed lmfao. And btw, where is Hilly goin on honeymoon with Ed?
  3. I didn't knew the meaning of mudoo, and I donno the meaning of Valrise too
  4. Vicc.


    Look at the value of house fools. XDDDD
  5. Me and Lui was randomly checking unlocked houses to rob and see what we found. One minute silence for those who still donno whats happening. @INFERNO
  6. Hey! Arron started it in /p in other language, but whatever, thanks for giving a chance. I'll try my best.
  7. What is your in-game name? Victor_Kane Which player(s) do you want to report? Ganda_Uvewvew When did the rulebreak happen? 09/18/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Elliot_Belanger What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Okay so, i was patrolling around when i saw Elliot chasing Ganda with his sirens on, so i came and blocked Ganda's car, after we pinched him, he just /q. Evidence Must be enough -
  8. This thing just happened rn when I was rping with @AmmYbut thanks to me, we were just driving around, not in any RP situation.
  9. @James Waiting for a reply from you bro. I'mean anyone, because today is 18th sep.
  10. @WestonBro, go to my profile and check all my posts, im improved, no toxicity/hate/insults/using bad words/ or the toxicity i spread in my past. Past is Past, its a new me now. Hope you'll forget me this time, im very sorry for the things i did in this past few months, and again bro, you can check my forum posts, no toxicity at all.
  11. See the time im appealing, just 2 mins over on 18th september.
  12. What is your in-game name? Victor_Kane Which staff member banned you? Eduardo Santos - Enrique When did you get banned? 06/09/2020 What is the ban reason? Evading Temp Ban Personal comment Was told to appeal today, 18th September 2020, by James. A stupid mistake I did evading a temp ban of 2 days which was extended to months. I'm very sorry for the things I did in past, I tried to improve and for myself I did improve,
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