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  1. Your in-game name: [ET]Mr.Nicest Picture of in-game statistics:
  2. AMENDMENT TO SA-PSC V.2 Ban on Military Grade Weapons: The easy access to illegal military grade weapons and the spate of gun violence in the recent years strongly suggests that the government should strengthen the gun storage laws, to prevent weapon trafficking and allow law enforcement to remove firearms from dangerous situations and places since an assailant with an assault rifle is able to hurt and kill twice the number of people compared to an assailant with a handgun In order to prevent further mass shooting deaths, the government of San Andreas bans the purchase, sale, transport and use of military grade assault weapons and rifles with high capacity magazines, since these lethal firearms, designed to kill humans quickly more efficiently, are used for no other purpose than mass killing of innocent people in the shortest time, should be kept away from civilians. Hence, any property found containing illegal military grade weaponry, may be seized by law enforcement agencies for a period of 14 days for further investigation along with the illegal weapons. Amendment to the article SA-PSC § V.2: This amendment was passed by the office of governor on 1st June 2020. @US Congress Signed, Ace Westbrooks, State's Governor.
  3. AMENDMENT TO SA-PSC § V.1. Legalization of weed smoking: The possession of weed has imprisoned millions of non-violent people which is not only unfair to these people but also uses up resources that would be better spent prosecuting and imprisoning real criminals and violent law offenders, since smoking weed is less harmful than any other drug with no side affects and also plays its role in relieving stress and anxiety. The War on Drugs has always been ineffective at limiting access to dangerous drugs and, instead, empowers dangerous gangs that make incredible fortunes on the black market for these illegal drugs. In view of the recent elevation in the crime activities in the city, the government of San Andreas solely focuses on targeting crimes which are actually "crimes". We therefore decriminalize the smoking of Weed and hence a small possession of this drug, which will help the law enforcement to protect the people from other harmful drugs. I, therefore, legalize the possession of less than or equal to 500 grams of weed. The smuggling and manufacturing of the drug is to remain illegal, however. The article SA-PSC § V.1 has been amended as follows: Signed, Ace Westbrooks, State's Governor.
  4. Concluded, ask your brother to post an appeal if he wishes to get unbanned.
  5. Worst hacker must have been banned so doesn't matter.
  6. The player is banned, thanks for reporting.
  7. Temporary ban, you will be unbanned within 30 minutes.
  8. I'm still trying to get in contact with Aiden Scott since he's inactive, I will conclude this as soon as possible.
  9. INAUGURATION OF NEW GOVERNOR Dear Citizens, I, Ace Westbrooks, was elected as the new Governor of San Andreas on May 9th and will serve this position for the next three months. None of these would have been possible without the selfless efforts of the best libertarian campaign team ever assembled in the state. From the Vice Governor, to every party supporter who stood with us during our campaigns, conferences and rallies. Thank you for having faith in us to move this state in the right direction. We will make life more affordable. We will strengthen the Police Department. We will take guns off our streets. We will lower the taxes and we will keep investing in the people! We have hired secretaries for Law Enforcement and Emergency services and in the coming days we plan to meet the heads of Police and Fire departments and review the departmental issues.This election is not the ultimate win for the Libertarians, but is a chance for us to change the state and make it a peaceful place for our future generations. Let us all work hard to restore the prosperity of our land and make it a better place. We won because we listened to you, and what you have been going through. Know that we will always put this state and its people first. And we will Ace the state of San Andreas. Thank you. Ace Westbrooks, State's Governor.
  10. The player was punished according to the regulations, thanks for reporting.
  11. I'll be dealing with this report.
  12. I'll be handling this report.
  13. Hi there, I'll be dealing with this report.
  14. The player was banned for hacking, thanks for reporting.
  15. The player was banned for multi accounting and trolling, thanks for reporting.
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