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  1. Right, I will unban you for now but if you receive any sort of punishments within the next two weeks, it will get you banned again and this time for an even longer period. Good luck.
  2. Hello, this was not the first time that you disconected to avoid roleplay, you have been issued multiple minor punishments and three permanent bans for the same offence. What will change this time?
  3. The player has been banned for death matching, hence closing this one. Thanks for reporting.
  4. Andrew Rodriguez has been punished accordingly. Thanks for reporting.
  5. The player has been admin jailed. Thanks for reporting.
  6. Your account was unbanned, try restarting your router.
  7. You are not banned, @tigerboss. Try restarting your router if that doesn't help, create a ticket in Mudoo's discord server.
  8. The player has been punished accordingly. L&A.
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