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  1. I have voted for Brain in first round before I meet him, I met him yesterday during the ceremony and to be honest I actually regret that I voted for him, that guy doesn't belong to Cityhall but an Asylum. Denzel is the only option we have right now. Save your state n #VoteForDenzel
  2. Do you promise a mosque in Pershing square? People cant say they prayers easily nowadays...
  3. Peter

    PD Volunteers

    Limiting a basic role which usually gets newplayer's attention is the worst thing that you can do, removing volunteers from their duty while there is several official members ig is already bad. If you caught them breaking law, simply report them to SAPD supervisors. As far as I can see we have refund system here in case they started to break the server rules, so yeah your hands aint that tied.
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