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  1. What is your in-game name? Ray Magaddino Which staff member banned you? Tyche Blackfyre When did you get banned? 10/20/2020 What is the ban reason? Attempting to trade in-game money for out of game benefits Personal comment Pastly, I post few lines on discord about How to convert real money to in-game money. On donating money and getting Free Vehicle Armor Upgrade as for free that's cost around 10 Credits = €5 = .92 real money. After that i login the game, and getting ban for Attemp
  2. @Buddah.Please check and reply. I need this property.
  3. A Villa at Marina Images Value: $850,000 Starting: $100,000 BO: $250,000 (Who will place BO first, it's your's.) A House at Mulholland Images Value: $460,000 Starting Bid: $100,000 BO: $250,000
  4. INTERIOR ID: 115 NAME: Office Small
  5. Name: Ray_Magaddino Type: Business Reason: I need this property for a business purpose. A Dealership Business Images:
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