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  1. Either restrict bunnyhopping or enable CJ run. This jumping is and looks retarded. https://i.imgur.com/OtTg4Om.png
  2. Ignoring Savannah's petty attacks.. Thanks to the Management (@LocMax & @Weston) for their responses. I truly understand the roleplay standards should be low if you want to attract more players, taking the arguments LocMax gave into consideration. We've seen ourselves how heavy rp servers are dwindling in numbers while low RP servers are doing greater than ever really. That's not necessarily the problem in my eyes. The problem, like most of the times, is with the script (being a bit ''too'' welcoming) and in the mentality of (some of) the administrators. Don't get me wrong, I g
  3. Feel free to have prejudices, but criticizing is our point here. I feel like we're getting into a vicious circle here while we just wish to learn the honest takes of other players and administrators on the subject instead of having these kinds of arguments. So if you don't mind.
  4. How dense are you? We are giving ideas and addressing issues, we aren't commanding anyone around. We may have fucked around, but that doesn't delegitimize our observations and complaints. You know jack shit of us, I invite you to join our teamspeak or roleplay with us. You'll get to know us better and realize how full of shit you are right now.
  5. Savannah, this is laughably sad. Nothing about this server is notibly increasing in quality ever since we joined it. This is a serious discussion about the flaws of this server. If you deny their existence and defend the level of roleplay on here, you're simply deluded. If we don't like the server, why would we have to leave? We have ideas, do you not appreciate new ideas? Apparently not, because instead of addressing those issues, you prefer to go around nitpicking. Not very mature of yourself now is it?
  6. Yeah, no. We already roleplay a lot, it's not our fault you don't see it. The staff team should pursue a better level of roleplay. Right now, they're not even enforcing the most basic RP rule of all: mixing /b in IC chat. Come on. If you don't want to train them that's fine, but don't go around claiming your server is anywhere near medium RP.
  7. I agree with most that's been said, I even recognize some words back from my own complaints But yeah along with a few friends I joined this server around 2 months ago I guess. We all have 5+ years of roleplaying experience and were looking for a new server to hang out in. They said it was light-medium RP, but oh boy weren't we ready for what came next! I said it many times and I'll say it again: calling this server light RP is an insult to light RP. Let me explain what we did in our first few hours: We joined the server, fucked around a bit, got ourselves a driving lic
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