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  1. The banning administrator can make mistakes too, im not gonna admitt something i never did, id rather get banned instead of lying to myself, i never got comfortable with ur server so why bother myself play again. take care mate thx for. the time
  2. James that was an unnecessary mean reply, learn how to respect at least, bc when i say i dont cheat i dont, last time they said i cheated sami checked my whole laptop and i had nothing, its just u and ur hallucinations
  3. What is your in-game name? Jose Banderas Which staff member banned you? Sam Woods When did you get banned? 09/27/2020 What is the ban reason? Troll hacks? Personal comment I'm a 20 year old responsible man, a man of my word, i dont even care if i got banned in this server or not but i cant say it wasnt fun, the reason why im posting this topic is for me to understand what happened... is there a screenshot or video i should see? the moment i got banned i lagged so hard too much packet loss,
  4. My game name: Jose Banderas My property location: Mulholland I request a gate at my property entrance, please let me know when you want to do it, i want to choose which gate (Not the big one that opens up and closes up from the group but the small one that can be moved left and right)
  5. Requesting a gate for my mansion in Mulholland My game name is Jose Banderas I'm ready to pay 2 million $, please send me a pm in the game whenever you guys can sort it out for me
  6. Requesting for a property in LV ( house ) My game name : Jose Banderas
  7. Name: Jose Banderas Type: Other Reason: I need this property as my car depo since most of the houses don't have a parking for 6 or 7 cars. I also need to know how much it will cost. ( if you think it's useless i'll open it as a business, my own cardealer place ) Image:
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