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  1. I actually like the idea.
  2. It's not my problem they can not understand the simple facts. I gave out the valid arguments.
  3. Ye, I'm afraid of some paki dreaming kiddo taking something away from me which is really not happening
  4. Keep it up, you got our votes too.
  5. Ya'll can suck my dick, you should be grateful that we're not keeping it all for ourselves, but actually do let people work on the farms. I'ma go grind a milion in game
  6. Too bad you weren't using your brain 9 months ago and thought of buying it before us. You're just jealous because you missed an opportunity to achieve what we did. It's not a big deal that some of you stole a little amount of grapes which is literally just the smallest scratch of what we got, but it's quite pathetic seeing you cry now, whilst you were here before me and had more time to buy a farm, but you'll rather moan between each other and try to forcefully take something what was never yours nor what you ever put effort for. It's not my problem you're impatient and can't drive a damn tractor for an hour, but it's also funny that you can spend hours shitting on people via forums from which you DON'T benefit. Try to find a legit way to take it away from us instead of gathering people with the same thinking way as you're and impeach us via another crying topic.
  7. You should be focused on all 3 divisions you're a part of, plus the administration. Doubt you can even spare an hour farming due to the fact you're quite occupied in game. Those supporting the idea of forcefully revoking the farms from us just because we're overly rich are the ones who were previously fired from the company FA for stealing and the ones who don't understand the simple math that farming for an hour doesn't give you $30 000 but around $120 000. You lazy fucks just realized that the farming is very profitable 9 months after the server openning, now ya'll want what we got. You can cry out load all you want on forums, but you're not taking penny from us. We worked for it, earned it legit way, it's ours and it will remain that way. Go apply if you want a roleplay from us, or go beg Billy to grant you an access. ....what the Sir above said.
  8. NAME: Brendan Finney DATE OF BIRTH (CHARACTER): 16/05/1980 OCCUPATION: Finney's Agriculture Logistics Former SAPD AOB Lieutenant
  9. Setrakian

    PD Volunteers

    Most of those at the beginning supporting this idea are ex Superior officers. Ya'll want to be Sergeants but none wants to shed your own sweat for it (separate some of your time teaching rookies), lazy fucks.
  10. Could you be more rude? Show some decency as a Governor instead insulting the candidates and their supporters. Perhaps you'll get more votes? Just an advice.
  11. Ordinary mortals who put their efforts into Community so you can enjoy afterwards.
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