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  1. What is up my jiggas. I am selling an big house with 11 rooms and 2 stages. It has 5 rooms on the ground floor and 6 rooms on the 2th floor. the value is $180,000, so i ask an buyout of $120,000. Not to negotiate. Exterior; Interior;
  2. Bailey Bop. Who is Bailey? Bailey Loose is the brother of Nairo Loose (RIP) Bailey is an UK driller he already has some tunes ready to get dropped. Information. Bailey is an 18 year old #75 member. When he was 15 year old, he got arrested for 'Attempt murder' on Raymond Blackwood, He stabbed him twice in his neck. The judge charges him for 'Attempt murder' Because Bailey was at an minor age the judge gave him 3 year sentence in Las Venturas. First day out. (Preview) 'I'm in the back of this car, no taxiSadly, I
  3. R.I.P NAIRO LOOSE 20-10-2020 Nairo Loose died today in an vehicle accident when the Police started pursuiting him.
  4. Back at it again!! Manden got popped fro' a pitbike!
  5. 3'TNF, 3'N/SWIPER x100 Soon back!
  6. AEX. Whats AEX? AEX is an trucking company. We offer the cheapest prices and fastest delivery! How much do i pay? On warehouses. Fabrics: $800 per crate Scrapped metals $800 per crate. Businesses. I offer per ride $10,000. Because the legal items are free. So i ask $10,000 per ride. How long do i gotta wait? If you order via discord 1/2 days. If i am in town ((In-Game)) 1/2 hour. How can i contact you? You can contact me via phone my number is 50306. Or via discord; sidney#0518
  7. (75) N - Lightwork freestyle. Soon online!! #CertifiedChingers
  8. On a oppblock 10 toes with TNF. #CertifiedChingers
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