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  1. @Dizzy @Jones if you please too it happend again lol i went from 1.1m to 197k Thank you in advance
  2. What is your in-game name? Johnny_Joestar Date & time of occurence? 17/10/2020 21:17 GMT+1 Elaborate how you lost this/these items Due to a bug, the items where inside the trunk and the car went into the wall literally and it came out without the items i lost 3003meth exactly+ 600heroin +123weed Proof First of all James_Kavanagh directed me here and here are the logs Sadly this time i Relogged and the chat log refreched i hope this helps or if you please you can check the chatlog of today 17/10/2020 at 19pm GMT+1 when i stored
  3. Great interior cctv, lvl4 alarm V:160K Great spot big papa spawns directly next to it
  4. This is what i have left after the incident Trunk/Inventory
  5. *Whats your ingame name: Johnny_Joestar *Date & time of occurence? 16/10/20 9am+ *Elaborate how you lost this/these items: My Car [Blue Premier] got bugged inside the TCC SF HQ wall and Mister Shamus Rae got it out for me hence i lost 98% of my items that here inside ill provide a screenshot of the lost items down (value 600k drugs and almost 50 of every drug ingredients and some weapons) *Proof: The screenshot has it all and The Admin Shamus_Rae is a Witness with me. Thank you for your support
  6. Selling 2 journeysake your chance now
  7. House at El Corona Next to the dealer +CCTV and Alarm Level 4 value:160k BO:300k
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