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  1. its like I set it go to server and scripts / gm won't work
  2. Deadline? Also link me best tool :v I can't set up fusez samp editor
  3. Aladeen Chip all are admin controlled lmao /bsay
  4. Mudoo got invaded by adeels cousins.
  5. I said I thought and wasn't sure + Martin Shot me on sight
  6. What is your in-game name? Tony_Cannario Which staff member banned you? Teo When did you get banned? 10/07/18 What is the ban reason? Returning after death Personal comment Yes I admit but it was miss understanding
  7. BTW you mean me ? Cuzi remember I was banned twice BTW topic can be closed after Morais answers my question.
  8. He still give a shit about what happens and for sure imma record admins and report them.
  9. You already got exposed fat bitch nothing else to say.
  10. So Carlos Got banned for quitting the situation once while MQM do it 24/7 they disconnect their internet Cord to avoid getting robbed they would start shooting no matter if its 100v1 why the fuck no one takes action on those fucktards ? They destroyed our RP scenes a lot of times when I report that Ahmed Yassin for the same shit Leo just said will be added to his record but why the fuck do they care about the records they would never become anything special or something! MQM didn't RP many times, they are Power Gaming every time It has happened to me many times and I want this to be fair Special MQM non Rpers : Mirage Raza this nigga was tied shot in both legs and covered his mouth with duct tape MQM came inside and he /SA and /s Help I'm here. I mean is this also a fucking RP? second Chadury asif and Altaf specially
  11. Many things (cases weed heroin properties shops cars)
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