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  1. RAGERaven

    HBD Leonardo

    Asslicking at its peak, Hbd leo
  2. All those bragging about new maps, most of the samp players do not have good pc's so think about the massive lag in Bases it will cause, keep that in mind while mapping though.
  3. Private Education by this topic creators mother sad.
  4. You are half gay because you are male in real life but girl in a game so it does count, gay.
  5. What award i deserve for making around 5-7 cops suicide with me?
  6. Staff he tumhare maa baap nai Eid Mubarak to every1
  7. FPS Rape is starting
  8. 3v3 Or 1v1 Instead of using sampcac Ask the players to record or dont participate. And Marathon
  9. its like I set it go to server and scripts / gm won't work
  10. Deadline? Also link me best tool :v I can't set up fusez samp editor
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