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  1. Already none of us can rp a robbery properly, /s stop! Everything aside, Andolinis cant RP being dragged properly, they have to fist whole being tied and not follow when being dragged, /piss even when tied.
  2. Atleast make it visible to player reporting someone.
  3. Yeah make it visible we dont even know what happened to the guy we reported what was the response ...
  4. @Weston what about cops chasing us for no reason amd when we stop hes just wasting time if its more than 2 people in a car he just calls backup because he knows it will turn into shootout and his backup is so fucking annoying even if u dont want to start shootout or someth they call backup and dissappear from scene and when we start driving again he just /su's us and boom directly shooting.
  5. I always said rename it to CNR
  6. RAGERaven


    Better than cuckleone shit Hes actually taking a break to learn english @Saaruman. Talkin about people calling you aimbotter, you cant even land 1 shot properly. "Server has turned to dm and cnr" it has always been.
  7. RAGERaven


    Finally some cancer left.
  8. He does not do /sit 1 rp, He made his own government in BC what elese kid go get a life cunt.
  9. Just reset staff team and cancer will end
  10. RAGERaven

    HBD Leonardo

    Asslicking at its peak, Hbd leo
  11. All those bragging about new maps, most of the samp players do not have good pc's so think about the massive lag in Bases it will cause, keep that in mind while mapping though.
  12. Private Education by this topic creators mother sad.
  13. You are half gay because you are male in real life but girl in a game so it does count, gay.
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