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  1. 1. I said a alot of times that the person who said ''I was lagging'' was my fucking cousin. 2. I came home and admitted because you all started fucking me in chit chat "explain this explain this." 3. And then I finally told you everything what happened. 4. What the fuck first time?? I came home and immediately made an unban appeal after watching you. 5. Its obvious he tried to handle everything because he knew if I came to know that he used hacks he will be scolded by me. 6. You really think I am making a story?? You can ask from @OUSSEMA too that I asked him to remove some shit suggestions given by him on that topic (/topclans if u remember and /savealert) 7. Again.. I told you he sits with me whenever he comes to visit me and see me playing because I always say him to play SAMP and by mistake he could have seen my pass while I was typing it. Why the fuck I will use hacks as a mod?? And also I am playing on this server from AG, UG , MG, why I will use hacks.. To get banned??. If you really think that I am lying you can give me the task to prove and also if you think all admins are following rules. Please dont be in that confidence. Main Ex- Assassin abusing you only luzziz when you banned him...
  2. 1. I am already telling I went in a marriage with my parents and my cousin and his parents was at our home to take care of my grandmother because we cant leave her alone. And from my back he used my pc and installed cleo files. And as you asked me the reasons:- 1. I already told that he was trying to handle everything on Discord. 2. Then when I came home he told me that he got banned then I thought that admitting will be correct because no one was knowing who is using that acc. And they will think that I am lying. 3. Already told 2. I know that it was my mistake that he came to know my password but I never told him. Maybe he saw me while typing it on the keyboard because I always told him to play samp and he sits with me to see whats so exciting in it. I am sorry and I will change my password soon.
  3. Actually, I was not at home this time and my cousin and his parents was taking care of my grandmother and when I returned he told me that he downloaded hacks and got banned and was trying to handle everything on Discord then I taken my pc from him and talked to you guys on Discord..
  4. What is your in-game name? Sparsh.sh[RA] Which staff member banned you? [AC] Assassin When did you get banned? 05/10/18 What is the ban reason? Airbreak Personal comment Okay, I am really sorry I know that I used hacks and I will not do it again. You can give me any punishment. Sorry..
  5. Your in-game name Sparsh.sh[RA] You real life age 15 Your country and timezone India , UTC+5:30 How do you describe yourself as a person I am an 15 year old guy who lives in india and who's hobbies are playing basketball and video games especially samp and more especially cod gw. I also like to do video animation in my free time. I love to go on long drives. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? Whenever i see any hacker destroying the server's experience i feel vey bad because i just love this game and i want to see the community growing not destroying. I still miss those days of ag when a hacker couldn't last for seconds. But now when i come online a hacker uses hacks for atleast an hour. And the 2 players which are playing anyhow also leaves the game. I just hate it. I want to make the community strong as it was during ag and even better than that. I am ready to do anything for it. I can easily give 3-4 hours a day to this game. But i want the community to be at it's top. I want to give the new users an experience of playing on the best server of samp. The one i got when i joined ag. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? Being a bit frank I will not always help him. First I will see that if the problem is valid or not because it could be that he's asking for things which are against the rules. Then if i find that the guy is really in trouble i will help him the best way i could. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? First I will verbally warn him and make him understand the rules properly if in case he's not getting the things properly and will also tell him the consequences of rule-breaking. If he still keeps on rule breaking I will contact a higher level admin in game and give him punishments as per the orders. Any additional information you feel is relevant I am an ex moderator in AG. Screenshot of your in-game stats
  6. In-game name: Sparshsh[RA] What events would you like to participate in? 1v1 PVP Boat Warfare Protect the President Additional info: N/A

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