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  1. What is your in-game name? [Haji]Reigns[vVv] Which staff member banned you? Assasin When did you get banned? 06/27/18 What is the ban reason? Multi ACC Personal comment My friends playing on my PC with my IP and creat soem ACC and they said to me GTA don't work . I com and saw i banned .and ...
  2. I give some advice . 1.Need to be Some celebrate. 2.If we cap A51 it will give us Combat. 3.Fix Veh's lag's. Veh's go In ground.And Germany Haven't Hydra. 4.in Some Place Maper's don't work good.And We need New MAP for More Fun and Player. Thanks.
  3. What is your in-game name? [IX]MoamS Which staff member banned you? IDK I think that was Offline ban. When did you get banned? 03/24/18 What is the ban reason? IDK Personal comment : |

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