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  1. Caught ban evading: Noha_Muskin 17 Oct 2019 at 15:32 banevading - Angelica Mcloughlin. Salvatore_Deluca Was it your cat or your dog this time?
  2. I have talked to the reported players and came up with a conclusion that: 1. There was ongoing turf being captured by BCR 2. You are a member/ally of BCR as seen in the logs. 3. You were clearly aware of the on going turf. The reported players will not be punished as you were near an ongoing turf, next time do not go to an ongoing turf, because chances of getting killed are high. The only mistake Andolinis made in this case was that they did not warn you to leave. The Andolinis have been verbally warned and talked to about this case and to avoid in the future. And you should also not go anywhere close to an on going turf. Report closed, verbal warnings issued.
  3. Do you have no single evidence? Not even a screenshot? Logs wouldn't really prove they were DMing.
  4. Event will be delayed until Mudoo Olympics finishes..
  5. Info will be posted later, this isn't a one day event, it's a tournament.
  6. Due to some people being retards and calling pro dmers from other server just to win, hence players who are a month old in the server shall only participate. And minimum 5 hours this month.
  7. Since this is your first ban, and your punishment history is clean, you will be unbanned on 16th October. Do note, if found attempting to multi-account again, mistake or not, you will be banned for 2 months.
  8. The player has been warned for scamming, thank you for reporting.
  9. Review date set to 13th November, and 80 percent of wealth shall be removed. Bothering staff members or asking them to lower the review date will result in 1 week extension. Locked.
  10. After reviewing your ban and your punishment history, it appears you don't give a single fuck about the server rules. You do what you want, without any hesitation. After multiple warnings, temp bans, you fail to follow the servers rules. Give me one good reason why i should unban you considering you have over 17 total punishments in 2 months.
  11. The player will be warned for /q to avoid rob. Report closed.
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