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  1. Why did you use illegal modfications? Why did you lie before?
  2. Yes, true, let's not waste our time here. You modified your GTA SA folder right after you got banned. Come clean or get denied.
  3. Denied until January 2019. (38 punishments)
  4. Event scheduled for this Saturday, 18:00 cet
  5. You have over 38 punishments, give me a one good reason why we should allow you back?
  6. You lied in-game, which was the result of your ban. Lie once more and i will deny this without a second thought.
  7. Date and time of the event will be announced shortly. If you are participating in the event, use the format below and reply to this topic once filled. Full Name: Phone Number: Vehicle:
  8. Introduction Get your rides for the meet-up. The event will be held on Saturday. 18:00 CET]. Vehicles allowed [Savanna, Blade, Broadway, Slamvan, Remington, Tahoma, Tornado and Voodoo]. The winner will be choosen based on car's customization's and overall his low-riding skills. The participant will be given 4-5 minutes to show his skills. The winner will receive 1.000,000$. 2nd place will get 500.000$ and the third 250.000$. Rules The event will be In-Character(IC). However any attempt to ruin the event will result in DQ and you may be killed by the harsh gangsters as well. NO GUNS shall be withdrawn during the event. Ramming other participants intentionally will result in DQ. Location

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