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  1. CraZe

    Player report - David Rogers

    Player to be warned for trolling + ramming. Also what FLA? hes SAPD...
  2. CraZe

    What features would criminals / civilians like?

    Reduce price of mask to 25k. A new type of C4 which you can plant anywhere,has to be crafted.
  3. CraZe

    What features would criminals / civilians like?

    There is plenty for you to do. Look at Mala Del Brenta for example, we create roleplay scenarios from the smallest things. If no one wants to start group, their problem. Official groups are official for a reason, they have proven themselves worthy of having extra features. Making a group is easy.
  4. CraZe

    What features would criminals / civilians like?

    Then people are just going to make groups to attack turfs. Official groups are there for a reason, they need to have advantage over normal groups.
  5. CraZe

    What features would criminals / civilians like?

    Turfs, with PROPER rules it will not cause DM, get this off your head, instead it will give groups a reason to fight each other instead of the usual kidnapping rp's. (only official groups) Bank heist, should be done once in a week, a specific day and time. Official group leaders can start a bank heist, invite people as crew (( /inviteheist )), once minimum of 5 people are invited, they can start the robbery. Should be done outside of LS maybe, bone county?
  6. good story, truth now please.
  7. CraZe

    Unbanned SketE banned by Francis

    What do you mean this time you did not break a rule? You have shown 0 roleplay in this situation, just because someone rams you does that mean you go after them and shoot?
  8. CraZe

    Davis_Parker banned by DerekC

    What will change if we were to unban you? Will you make the same mistake again and use a illegal modification because a friend tells you to?
  9. Either you come up clean or you can sit here.
  10. How many last chances are we suppose to give you? Each time you get banned, you come here, ask for ''last chance'' and repeat the same mistakes? You are lucky this appeal is even being considered.
  11. Review date set for 26th September. Bothering staff members about you unban appeal or ban evading will result in instant denial.
  12. Two armed people come to rob you, they shoot you in the leg for not complying, instead of falling, you run away and bunnyhop. After 5 seconds you open fire. We won't accept this kind of cancer roleplay here.
  13. CraZe

    Denied Enzo Anarchy banned by Kacper

    Is this the 3rd ''Last chance'' you are asking for?

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