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  1. *Name: Daniel Clifton Alias(optional): *Phone number: 2018 *Vehicle used: Elegy
  2. Mikro not even come in-game and gets the most votes, biased..
  3. as much as I hate to admit this is just friends voting for their friends..
  4. CraZe

    Group Council

    In-game name: Daniel Clifton Registration date: Since the release Most recent punishment, type and date: 0 punishments Current group membership: ESS leader Previous group membership: Mala Del Brenta, Ninth Avenue Ballas Motive for joining the council: We have had our differences in the past (Jelly) but we all care about mudoo and want it to improve. I may not have been the best of myself before but i will improve. One of the main things that keep a server alive is the Factions (Groups). There are groups that deserve the status, then there are groups that don't deserve it and often rule break A LOT but still keep the status in some how, i won't point out the group. I have been playing since the first release, and i have been loyal ever since to the community. I'd personally introduce new things and ideas, forwarding them to the HQ, the rest of faction council which would help improve the overall group experience. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Negative: I can get angry at people easily if they are being idiotic or overall being retarded. I may troll but it's not all the time. Getting into arguments very often. Positive: The ability to work together with people. I have the knowledge about how Criminal Groups work, how they perform, how they are suppose to be, etc. Overall good skills in administrating.
  5. You need to bring back Official Status. The idea of making the warehouses to public was dumb, and people will be mad if you take them away so don't. Let them keep them. If a group becomes Official, it can own a warehouse, however taxes have to be paid still, perhaps 25 percent lower than currents? The idea of having Faction Council or Faction Managers isn't bad, but it's not gonna work out if some people just interfere and do what they want, like our community manager. The members of this Faction, must be experienced in leading a group. To avoid any biased, you choose the people who actually care. About the points system, yes. Adding to your idea, if we are going to add points system, might as well add Strike system. If a group gets 3 strikes, it loses it status, if it has no status, the group gets deleted. The strikes will be given by faction council. How will it work? A member who is lvl 50+ in the group has punishment score of 3 or above, a strike will be given. A strike may also be given if group has shown poor roleplay or deathmatched as a whole. Adding slots is also good. Only 5 groups can be official or perhaps 4? (discuss). This will make groups work hard to get the slot for Official. At last, can i just say something? Please stop fucking ignoring all the rulebreaks a group breaks and gets away with it. Warn them, delete their group, stop baby sitting, this isn't kindergarten. We need to change ourselves and move on from argoshit.
  6. CraZe

    My departure

    there goes the only guy in management team who listens and actually cares about the community
  7. ahahah crying baby go fuck yourself hahah
  8. Haha you stupid mentally retarded fuck stop speaking
  9. Ignore GoodDay. He is the type of retard who will bitch for killing you for 10 mins.
  10. Staff members don't control it
  11. delete your group, i killed you 3 times. go delete fast. In all seriousness tho, i love you and the way you roleplay. we try to roleplay with you, you run to lspd, take out gun and start shooting. this has happened over 3 times.
  12. stfu retard, can you even hear yourself talking? what do you contribute to the server apart from your retarded roleplays? you want to be official? how about you fuck off to the dm servers u came from, fucking wannabe samp god. You will find turfs in many roleplay servers, so don't bother talking about it. I don't see whats wrong with bank robbery, its roleplay? death match events huh? its wrong if we host a tournament so you can have fun?
  13. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure it was me. Derek definitely didn't ask me to do it.

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