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  1. CraZe

    The Meme Department

    imagine robbing water, like how poor and desperate you must be to do that
  2. Still yet to speak with the reported player, he has been last online on 16th.
  3. You shot him, thus you started the shootout. Report invalid, closed.
  4. As this is your first one, you are unbanned. Any stupid actions like this or even an attempt to cheat, you will be banned, you will also be forced on CAC. Unbanned, to be forced CAC.
  5. Thank you for reporting, I'll speak with the reported player and punish him.
  6. It doesn't matter if it worked or not, you still attempted to hack. Which is very well bannable. How can we be sure you won't try anything again if we were to unban you?xx
  7. Hello, stated name doesn't appear to be registered account, please double check.
  8. Blaming others for your actions is not the way to go. You better turn around from that road. Seeing your punishment history, clearly you don't have any respect for our rules. How would you change if you were to get unbanned?
  9. Jake Randall can be forgiven any time since hes a good guy, i don't have anything against him, don't mind my comments @Jake Randall I was just pointing out how this event can go sideways real fast.
  10. @Jake Randall It wouldn't have happened in the first place if you didn't drive away while being shot at. Your job was so stay and comply but instead you chose to drove away which resulted in people shooting at you. Intentional or not, you drove it into the water.
  11. Also "The driver wont pose amy threat" last time i remember the man driving away while being shot at and drove it in to water.
  12. What if groups get together and attack and win, how do they get a wh?
  13. CraZe

    The Meme Department

    why this topic not pinned i thought it got deleted
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