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  1. @Carl_Kaide Are you still interested in this unban appeal? If yes, reply and answer Weston's questions within 24 hours otherwise this will be denied.
  2. Do you remember your promise? And also:
  3. CraZe

    The Meme Department

    Please do not post any more fucking cringy gta sa memes
  4. CraZe


    If you are not a Muslim, why do you care?
  5. CraZe

    | CraZe Media |

    NoNoNoNo NoT alLOWED .
  6. i can rape u all day long in samp anyway
  7. Players showcase their skills at: Shooting, roleplay, driving, flying etc and instead of getting money, they get an award of ''Best X of MAY 2K19'' for example craze should get best shooter of 2k19
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