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  1. no one:

    not  a single nigger:


    timon: i script fivem lol ..

    1. TiMoN


      not Funny .

    2. Smith


      Y u bully him ?

    3. Subhan


      using "no one"


  2. You can't get unbanned if you keep on lying and have 0 regret for your actions. Post another appeal on July 12th, lie in it and get denied for over a month.
  3. Denied, make one more unban appeal where you lie and your posting abilities will be revoked.
  4. I see. Thanks for clarifying, however that still does not prove your innocence. 1, You were detected for using wallhack (ESP), the anti cheat has been well tested and not a single mislead has been found for the detected cheat. 2, You were told to do team viewer check but you refused, admins are only allowed to check your Game folder and search for any hacks, they are not allowed to open any personal files. You should have agreed to do the team viewer check and if the admin tried to check any personal files, you could have disconnected. It's time to come up with the truth. Think very carefully before posting another reply. One more lie = denied.
  5. Modloader requires ASI Plugin to run, which can be installed by installing CLEO 4.
  6. You have modloader, which requires cleo + asi, and i can't find any of those in your folder, which means you have deleted them and it's contents. Why did you refuse to a teamviewer check? Admins are only allowed to check someone's GTA SA folder and search for any illegal mods, they don't access your personal files.
  7. Post a full screen shot of the GTA SA folder you used.
  8. rugay?

  9. fuck u all

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Subhan


      And i got warned for bad language here 

      frikin jew admon

    3. Bruce


      ur mom gae

    4. Dylan
  10. CraZe

    HBD Leonardo

    hapy Birdday .. mY BEst Friend lol . Turn 23 ..
  11. Why did you lie before? How can we know you won't attempt to cheat again?
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