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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY


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  1. if i participate i will win it again ezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. i thought u changed and were all supportive and positive what happened again oolol
  3. Dude, shut the fuck up, you are the last guy to speak about roleplay.
  4. Cops or not, we still would win as we actually have people who can fight with their brains functioning unlike some people.
  5. + SWAT doesn't deploy for smuggles anymore, not even HA.
  6. So you should turn around and avoid it, or call cops like I said, or don't do that but then don't make a cry topic on forums, it makes no sense.
  7. You are right, I also have seen cops seeking for shootouts but this is the fault of both sides, criminals tried to initiate a shootout at Idlewood Pizza Stack 2-3 weeks ago where Richard Griffin was suspect and was standing at Idlewood along with 20 other people. waiting for cops to arrive so they can start a shootout instead of evading, I was the one who told cops to C14 in order to prevent a mass shootout. evidence: I believe criminals should not take matters into their own hands, if you are being harassed by some cops, you simply either dial 911 and ask for Superv
  8. Stop bullying Hilly I swear to god !!!!
  9. (Warning: the below post may contain words that may hurt your feelings, reading discretion is advised!) Want me to be honest with you? I think you all are bunch of crying twats who dies at a shootout, rages at public chat, goes on forums and talks trash with 0 evidence yet invalid accusations. If you think this SWAT is OP, you should have been here in 2018, that was something else. If you think this SWAT is OP, I suggest you go take a look at other servers such as IMRP where Hunters are deployed even on foot suspects. I have noticed some points keep getting brought up,
  10. Participating players should have CAC installed, to prevent any unfair games.
  11. Are you saying no one has deagle besides PD?
  12. More than you I will tell you that
  13. @LocMax We don't invite people on the spot, that was one time thing at the event. We invited people before, we were not confronted about it, SWAT is a invite only division afaik, letter of interest is there just for us to know x person is interested in joining SWAT.
  14. 1. We dont have unlimited weps 2. Tanks are never used 3. We never wil invite all volunteers ro SWAT, these are exceptions 4. I agree with anything you are suggesting as long as its for RP
  15. Man This Unfair Is . Like You Funnest Player !
  16. Very nice event shout out to LeonardoC
  17. I have played IMRP and I can give you my word, no one else including me has invited anyone from IMRP, if they did, we will simply disallow them from going on volunteer duty but how can we know that since we get new volunteers all the time? You still haven't given me the names, the only person I informed about the event was Richard who is ex community founder of Mudoo.
  18. I would love to know the names of the playera that were invited from another server.
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