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  1. Your in-game name [SAS]Hawk You real life age 18 Your country and timezone Egypt, GMT +2:00 How do you describe yourself as a person I'm a helpful person that's always there to respond to the calls of help from new players. I like to solve problems carefully and without causing any trouble. I'm a friendly person that rarly gets mad at people for whatever mistake they have done, depending on the seriousness of the mistake. I'm also a mature person. Once again, I know when to be serious and when to be lenient. I have a good memory, I'm able to memorize stuff quickly and I don't forget it easily, Which explains why I have a good knowledge of the rules. I'm also a fast learner, I learn quickly and without causing any trouble. I'm also a good listener, Which means that, for an example, in an admin sit, I would be listening to every single letter the people invovled in the sit say so I can deal with the sitiuation carefully. I'm also a fair and generous guy, I punish the rulebreakers with the punishment they deserve and I award people with the reward they deserve. I also get well known pretty quickly, Because people do actually like my personality. With that being said, I'm a decent person. I don't act retarded and I'm always serious when it comes to a community releated problem. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? Well, The reason I think I should be given a chance to be a trial moderator, I ran into alot of successful Minecraft, Garry's Mod and SA-MP communities, including 2014's Advanced Gaming. As a matter of fact, I have been a staff member long time ago on that coomunity, Which means that I know extremely well how to act as a member of a community's staff team. I'm also not that retarded guy, that abuses his powers just for "fun" in servers to troll people and piss them off. Also, I cannot abuse my powers even if I wanted to. I'm also known for not just giving up easily. I think I should be given the chance to be a trial moderator because all of my key skill sets I've mentioned above in the other questions. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? Well, Obviously, I'd give my friend the deaf ear and I would politely ask him to stop asking me for favors. I'd politely explain to him that no one is above the rules in the server and he shouldn't do that. This is what I would do if he asks me for unfair advantages. For an example, my "friend" asks me for a minigun, asks me to ban someone that he doesn't like, etc. However, If it is a standard request any player would ask for, I would happily oblige. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? Seeing that I will be a moderator in such a case, I would take this to any administrator that has a higher level than myself. If an admin is not available, I would record the new player and keep the footage for later. I would tell him to stop rulebreaking and tell him that I recorded him. If the player is using cheats, I would record him and keep on kicking him until an admin gets online, therefore uploading the footage on this website. Any additional information you feel is relevant Though my in-game stats aren't that high at the moment, I can confirm that I will perform well in my staff duties. Like I said above, I have been a member and an ex-staff of this community long time ago, back in 2014. I was playing under the alias of Frost and nicoud, and I'm pretty sure a lot of old players around here have already recognized both of my nicknames. All I need to prove myself is one chance at being a moderator, that's all. Screenshot of your in-game stats I have applied for this position too early. I would really appreciate it if any head-staff denies this application.

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