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  1. Denied. Appeal in 1st of April 2020. Ban evading will increase your appeal date with 1 month.
  2. You have opened a multiple accounts in order to farm money out of it which is againts our server rules. You also ban evaded multiple times spawning weapons and ruining others gameplay. Care to elaborate why would you do such things and why we should give you an another chance after ban evading multiple times?
  3. As you came up clean to us and actually admited of using illegal modifications, Ill give you a last chance to return into our server. But before you return you will be CAC'ed as you were using hacks before so we can keep close eye on your actions IG. In order to download CAC refer to this LINK. Unbanned.
  4. As this is your 1st ban Ill give you a chance to return back to our server. In your minor mistake you will face harsher punishments. Unbanned.
  5. Why did you script abuse in the first place even tho you are not new player and you are aware of the server rules very well?
  6. Brendon Smith is the account that you are banned on and it will remain banned. As you are new in our server I do wish to tell you that creating alternative account is strictly prohibited in our server and its minimal punishment is ban. I'll unban you but you gotta remain in your 1st account which is Brake Johnson. Drop a reply if you agree with me.
  7. So you were aware that usage of any illegal modifications are strictly prohibited and yet you decided to use like that. Even tho it is your first ban in our server how could we trust you of not using such cheats in the future? Convince me of giving you a chance to let you play in our server.
  8. None said that you are being hated. I clearly stated that you should try new type of roleplay and actually build up your character on that so you wont have any problems in the future with the people. I don't understand why you are getting over mad at everything. This is a game, cmon dude. I've seen a lot of people getting mad over losing against the rival group. Also none forces you to play certain server. If the current status of Mudoo doesn't satisfy you then I've nothing to help you with as you clearly don't require my help.
  9. First of all none called me here. I interfered as soon as I saw those unnecessary threads which brings nothing but hate. Spreading out false assumptions and accusations is not respectful either. It's better everyone to mind their own business else if this continues Ill lock the topic as I don't see anyone sharing any opinion or suggesting something.
  10. It is nice to hear that you are willing to roleplay but there are actually a groups who focus on roleplay mostly than a DM fest such as CSC and the newly created gang Ballas. I suggest you to try to hang out with them sometimes and I do really advice you to fill reports against those who have disturbed your fun by DMing you. I am sure they wont resist to have a roleplay in their group. But don't expect to be taken right away after you ask them. The key is to interact with them ICly and show your roleplay skills and actually build up a character and creating such topic is unnecessary and waste of time and full of bullshits.
  11. It would be pleasure if you can actually would speak more politely than swearing out. You are saying the server is a DM server. Let me ask you few questions regarding your statements you have brought. 1. Have you tried to create any RP scenario or event that anyone on the server can enjoy? 2. How different are you from those players who DM on daily basis? I would be thankful if my questions are answered in a polite way instead bitching around.
  12. Gift Reward Request This topic is created for the players that have won a special reward from the gifts. In order to receive your gift you are to request it via the format given below. [b]1. In game name:[/b] [b]2. Reward that you have received[/b] [b]3. Screenshot of the reward[/b]
  13. Marcus.

    Lost drugs.

    Maybe you were a suspect where you lose few percent of your drugs once you accept death. I need specific date and time when the situation happened exactly at.
  14. If there are 3 accounts on your PC who is the 3rd?
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