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  2. After discussing this with the management team, we have decided to give you another chance. We expect you to behave in the server and do not act as you used to do before your banishment. Unbanned.
  3. How we can be sure that you are not "Steven Gilbert"? You have shared your account with someone else which is still againts the server rules.
  4. The reason why you are still banned is because you have ban evaded. Chip clearly says "In the meantime, do not attempt to ban evade. That will directly lead to denial of your request." Lets get to the real point. Why did you ban evade in the first place, even tho you knew that it would lead your appeal into denial? Why should we give you another chance? What would change if you get unbanned?
  5. You still failed to confess that you have ban evaded. Denied.
  6. You better start answering the questions you are asked properly if you wish to be unbanned, else I wont hesitate to deny it.
  7. As Dylan said to your friend, pay back whatever you charged back and feel free to play again. Untill then you remain banned.
  8. Review date set to 11th of February 2020. Any attempt to ban evade will lead your ban appeal into denial without the chance to appeal again. Bothering the staff team will increase your review date with 1 week (7 days).
  9. [22:38:48] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: WHOOOHOOO I HAVE MORE THAN 15 punishments [22:38:54] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: I WANT TO BREAK RECORD [22:38:54] {0055FF}Morais_Amarante (11){FFFFFF}: Keep celebrating [22:39:00] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: I AM CELEBRATING [22:43:42] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: AYO ALL STFU BEFORE YOU ALL SUCK DICKS [22:44:10] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: FUCKING SILLY CUNT [22:46:50] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: FUCK THA POLICE [22:46:51] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: FUCK THA POLICE [22:46:51] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: FUCK THA POLICE [22:46:51] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: FUCK THA POLICE [22:46:52] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: FUCK THA POLICE [22:46:52] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: FUCK THA POLICE [22:46:53] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (31){FFFFFF}: FUCK THA POLICE Can you elaborate more on this behaviour and self claims that you will keep breaking the rules? You're asking for one more chance. Why we should give you? How can we be sure that you wont repeat with the same behaviour and break rules continously?
  10. Player is part of the staff team. Refer to this LINK in order to report him.
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